Boys Soccer Prepares For Playoffs

By Gianny Chacon ’18 

With the boys soccer team’s most recent victory against Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, they are on track to make it to the playoffs. With the end result of 3-1, the game was a very intense one. 

Midwood scored two goals in the first half, the first one scored by Aymen Kuc ’20 and the second by the team’s captain Peter Baccash ’18. The opposing team responded with a goal bringing them back into the game. Then, Zayit Muniz ’19 managed to seal the deal with a third goal; he ran down the left side of field then proceeded to cut inside towards the box and scored with a thunderous strike. 

            “Last game was an easy win for us. We’re  playing how we’re meant to play. In regards to the rest of the season, we have three games left to help us qualify for the playoffs which is likely given the diverse talent on our team,” said Aesam Sharafaldin ’18.

Despite their comfortable win, the team should not let their guard down in their upcoming matches to be able to secure a spot in the playoffs. 

Baccash ’18 is responsible for leading and keeping the team on track and making sure that everyone is doing their part, as well as incorporating new strategies to be used in future games.

“I have to lead practices and warmups, and make sure my teammates are focused and working hard whether we are at practice or in a game,” said Baccash ’18. “We can improve by playing more together to build up chemistry and by playing with heart.”

There is always room for improvement for players, and they should be on the lookout for their mistake and do everything they can to be able to improve and zero play the very best. 

  Adonijah Brooks ’19 said, “As an individual, I need to work on my communication throughout the game and, as a team, we need to work on our finishing and possession of the ball.”

Muniz ’19 said, “I can keep training making myself a better player, and I can contribute to the team by being a versatile and well-rounded player,” 

The sport itself is unique and people are able to express themselves by playing. How someone plays shows a lot about them by their playstyle.    

“I’m passionate about soccer because it’s a sport that I can truly express myself through – the way I dribble, shoot, pass. You can tell so much about a person by just playing soccer with them. No matter where one may come from, soccer is a universal language, whether you call it football, fútbol, or anything else,” said Ibrahim Mohamed ’19.

The team, with its momentum, is on track to continue performing well, and more than likely make it to the playoffs. If they continue with a lot of dedication, perseverance, and effort they can very much reach the finals of the playoffs and possibly win.


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