Students Capture Victory at Graphic Arts Competition

By Henry Mei ’18

In interest of full disclosure, Henry Mei ’18 participated in the competition.

Graphic arts skills and time management were put to the test for Ms. Elizabeth Bouiss’s media arts students as they competed at the 2017 Citywide Graphic Arts Competition (CGAC) on June 2.

The CGAC, held at City Tech in Downtown Brooklyn, was a competition among high schools from all over the city with a CTE (Career and Technical Education) program in the graphic arts.  

Participants in the competition were all finalists who underwent a qualifying round by submitting a piece of work to the category of graphic arts they wished to compete in. The seven categories of graphic arts in the competition were graphic design, web design, package design, digital illustration, digital photography, digital video production, and student filmmakers. 

This year, Midwood had two groups competing in the digital video production category and two individuals competing in the graphic arts category. 

At the competition, students were separated into their competing categories after a light breakfast. They were then assigned a theme by an instructor and had four hours to complete it using a software specific to that category. 

Kaitlyn Zeng ’19, a participant in the graphic design category, said she had to create a poster for Harlem Week on Adobe Photoshop and see other people’s designs was inspiring and allowed her to see different perspectives. 

For digital video production, the theme was diversity. Each group had to create a film by going outside to shoot footage around the City Tech area and then going back in to edit using Adobe Premiere. 

Ikra Islam ’19, who’s part of the digital video production group with Kayla Morales ’17 and Henry Mei ’18 said the importance of teamwork helped her group carry out their task by choosing roles based on what each member was good at, allowing them to use the time frame and each other’s strengths effectively. She did the interviewing, Morales did the filming, and Mei did the editing. 

At the end of the four hours, all the participants were treated to a small lunch where they exchanged their experiences of the competition.

To conclude the competition, everyone was seated in the auditorium, and the top three winners of each category were announced. 

For the first time in the three years that Ms. Bouiss and Midwood students have attended this competition, this was the first win as Kayla Morales, Henry Mei, and Ikra Islam won second place for digital video production. 

“This competition showed us that not everything would come easy,” said Morales. “But I’m really glad how our group pulled together and made our teacher [Ms. Bouiss] proud. If it weren’t for Ms. Bouiss, we as a group would not have had this opportunity and the acquired skills.”

Ms. Bouiss said, “I was not surprised but was very excited and proud of them. It’s nice to finally have the students place in the competition.” 

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