Ms. Bommarito Appointed as New Senior Advisor

By Brittany Mendoza ’18

With the start of a new semester, current seniors find themselves responsible for more than just school work.  The infamous senioritis can easily follow someone who is balancing dues, recommendations, essays, homework, deadlines and extracurriculars. To help with making memories students can turn to the senior advisor.

Last semester Ms. Liz Bommarito applied for the position in May and was appointed to the position after graduation. Ms. Bommarito has taught at Midwood for 7 years and is excited for this new experience.

“I am excitedly overwhelmed,”  she said.

Ms. Bommarito is responsible for working with the coordinator of student affairs (COSA) Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin and student committees to plan senior days, trip, gear, and prom. She also plays a part in planning graduation.

“Life always changes for the better or worse, so this was nothing new.” said senior president Zakria Khan ’18, “I’m glad we have more people on the team, it makes things much easier to handle.”

Many students did not see themselves affected by the change because they didn’t know what the senior advisor is responsible for. Nevertheless, she has  support from past students and the student government.

“The change of senior advisor has not affected me to any extent, as I don’t have experience with the senior activities from last year so there is not much comparison to be made,” said mayor Joyce Chen ‘18. “However, I believe that regardless who the senior advisor is, if they were chosen by the school administration, they are more than qualified and will do what will represent the senior class the best.”

Ms. Bommarito has already begun work with the committees and has plans for making small changes to what she can to help the senior class have a special year. One example is the trip location which has been changed from Pinegrove Ranch to The Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. The prom location has also been confirmed as the Grand Hyatt. However, some things and contracts are beyond her control. Yet she and everyone else have faith that this will be a special year for the class of 2018.

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