Key Club Helps Community

By Safia Hamouche ’18

Clubs are an important aspect of the “fun” factor of attending school, and with so many different clubs and groups all throughout the school, finding one that interests you may be a little challenging. Key Club is one club that has constantly been making a change in the school as well as the community

Key Club provides students with the opportunity to help in their community. Members of Key Club attend local events to raise money to help different organizations. Some of these organizations include the Bensonhurst clean up, the Africa Project, Peanut Day, Breast Cancer Walk, as well as many others.

For the Africa Project, Key Club members go out on weekends to help pack boxes of supplies such as books, clothes and shoes to ship out to children in Africa who don’t have all these supplies that we are blessed to have today. Other events include walking to raise money for different types of cancer and going to movie fundraisers to collect money to donate to various charities. “By walking the miles or volunteering, we also help to raise awareness about the cause and how important it is,” said Josephine Leung’18.

Key Club has a significant impact on the members, the community, and even the leaders. Some clubs are for practicing hobbies or presenting certain skills, but the sole purpose of this club is engaging in events and activities that help others that are need, and changing the world one step at a time.

Christine Tsang ’17 said, “The best thing about this club is the way it is run, the voices and opinions of the members of Key Club matters the most. Key Clubbers have a say in what events they would like to attend, and how much they would like to help.”

When students join Key Club they are welcomed with open arms because Key Club not only helps the community, but also creates a friendly community of its own.

“Key Club allowed me to grow as a person and meet many new people. As a freshman, I couldn’t even imagine getting up and speaking in front of a crowd of people. Key Club gave me the opportunity to strengthen my self-confidence and public speaking skills.” said Yuliya Severyenko ’18.

As Key Club grows as a club in the school, it also grows worldwide because Key Club is an international club with members from all over the world. It gives members the opportunities to go out and embrace different people of different places and overall become a big diverse family. So, when you go looking for a club to join, Key Club is there to accept new people and new friends.

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