Tennis Team Sharpens Skills

By Enrique Martinez ’18 and Gianny Chacon ’18

The tennis team faced a rough season this year with a record of 2-10. It is time for them to try and improve to become better and stronger for next season.

    The tennis team has to work harder if they plan to excel, meaning more intense practices and letting benched players play so they can gain experience and be able to contribute more.

    “It’s important to practice your team sport during your free time,” said Tom Ng ’18

   After every season for a sport there are a lot of takeaways that are learned and often times need to be taken into account  and fixed upon for the better of the team.   

      The captain of the team Joseph Dwan ’17 sees in many ways that the team changed for the better.

“More communication, we need to set up teams early and, practicing together more often will help cover each other’s weaknesses and project strength,” said Dwan. “ Also my teammates need to start practicing by themselves to be able to gain confidence in their own ability.”

    Important players on the team who greatly contributed are Jacob Chernov’17, Dwan, and Phillip Khoroshko ’17.

       One of the teams more tense games was their home game against New Utrecht.

    It was a doubles match with partners Jacob Kapustin’18 and Bryan Roytman’18,  in which they were trailing by one at first.  They managed to tie things up, increasing the pressure for both teams. Nevertheless they managed to prevail and score the game winner to seal Midwood’s victory with a final score of 4-1.

      The coach of the tennis team, Mr. Victor Gjecaj, believes that to become a better team they should not only practice during the school year, but also during their break. Mr. Gjecaj said, “It all starts with practice and everybody has to practice over the summer.”

The tennis team has not had the best of seasons, and if they plan to do better next season they have to give it their all and train like never before.

       Team members also believe it is in their best interest to practice over the summer  to better themselves.

       Francis Saw ‘18 said, “We could have done better. In order to improve, our captain will train us over the summer.”

     The Tennis team can bounce back with the right mindset, a lot of determination, will, and if they put in a lot of hard work then they will be able to prosper and become one of the better teams.


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