Student Gov’t Officers Elected

By Amanda McBain ‘18 & Jasmine Thelusma ‘18

Voters gathered in the lobby on June 7 to cast their vote for the next student government leaders. Students in grades 9 through 12 voted for their respective president and vice president, as well as mayor and comptroller.

“The student government is the main organization responsible for assessing the needs of students, improving transparency between the administration and the student body, and organizing events that increase school spirit,” said Coordinator of Student Affairs, Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin.

Candidates campaigned throughout the month of May filming speeches, putting up posters and collecting signatures. To become a candidate for class officer, mayor or comptroller students were required to collect 50 and 100 signatures.

“The candidates are required to follow Midwood’s standards of Honesty, Respect & Responsibility,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

The videos created by candidates were available online on Midwood’s website. This was done instead of having an assembly where the candidates made speeches to students in the auditorium, which is how it was done in previous years.

Mayoral candidate, Joyce Chen ‘18 said, “ I made an announcement of my candidacy on my social media and around the school with posters. In addition I partnered with the comptroller in running, Lillian Chen, to campaign as the Chen Squared.”

The role each officer plays in the government varies for each grade and position. Senior officers focus greatly on the senior apparel, trip, and prom, whereas, junior officers works on updating their class on college office deadlines.

“These individuals are equal in responsibilities and work with the student government to brainstorm ideas that would advance their class as well as the school,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

The Mayor and Comptroller of the City of Midwood are the heads of the student government and are the leaders that guide the school. These two leaders are exofficio members of all committees, deliver the pledge and announcements each morning, and organize and schedule volunteers for school-wide events, such as SGO Elections and Signing Day.

“One of my focus if elected mayor would be to continue increasing school spirit, I believe the feelings students have about Midwood is all due to the lack of activities and involvements that happen around school,” said Chen ‘18.

Mayoral candidate, Brittany Mendoza ‘18 said,  “If elected I want to keep the bathrooms stocked and less smelly.”

Winners will be announced


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