Seniors Cross the Finish Line One Last Time

By Maya Engstrom ’18

Every year, the girls on the track team put enormous amounts of work into their team spirit and running abilities.

The runners put in hours upon hours of training every week- hoping to eventually improve their race times by just seconds. This year through hard work, the girls have achieved their goals and have also made new ones, as they do every year. They’ve developed pride in themselves and also learned valuable life lessons about the importance of commitment, community, and perseverance.

However through this pride, there is also something that comes along with the end of a year of track that is a bit sadder than anything else- having to see the seniors go.

“The seniors made us feel more like family than a team,” said Christi Thomas ’18. “They encouraged us to be confident on and off the track.”

There is nothing like the feeling of having a family outside of your blood, and made of your sweat and tears instead. Just having that mutual feeling of knowing what we go through being on the team is enough to keep us all close forever.

There is no doubt that everyone on the team is proud of each and every senior for the things they have done for the team, but there is something so hard about spending years with people you consider big sisters, only to see them leave. You spend hours training and sweating and laughing together, and you realize that they won’t be running by your side anymore.

“We’ve gotten so close to them during these past three years and seeing them go won’t be easy,” Thomas said.

But at the same time, they have shaped the habits and personalities of the girls who are with them everyday.

Jaleen Best ’18 said, “Seeing them leave will be the hardest thing ever, but the hard work they have done this year and the example they left us will stick with us and continue to further push us to be the best we can be.”

While most incoming team members can agree that your first few weeks being on a team can be intimidating, they can also agree that the seniors have made them feel like family.

First entering the team during her freshman year, Olivia Foote ‘19 said that the relationships she developed between certain seniors on the team have become stronger through time.

Foote said, “Although I started out looking up the seniors as more idols and inspiration than anything else, as the seasons passed they became more and more like family. The way they were able to create such amazing relationships with everyone on the team, and establish such a caring and enjoyable Community is irreplaceable and will always remain present with us.”



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