Patterns Gives Students Creative Outlet

By Sarah Cen ‘18 and Lauren Heng ‘18

As a way to showcase the creativity of students, Patterns has made a return in its yearly magazine publication. Patterns is Midwood’s literary journal that enables students to express their creativity through writing and artwork.

The magazine presents different types of original writing, such as poetry, and short stories, accompanied by visuals, such as photography, illustrations, and graphic designs, to bring the words to life. This year, Patterns focused on the theme of transformation. The Patterns Club, led by English teacher Ms. Melissa Pentangelo, participates in the production of the Patterns magazine.

“Patterns Club provides a creative outlet for kids who want to expand their artistic variety,” said Joanne Yao ‘18. “In a way, this club allows us to develop distinct creative styles by giving more imaginative leeway outside of a normal curriculum.”

The focus of the club is centered on the making of the literary journal. Students meet weekly to read and give feedback to the works submitted, by discussing its relevance to the theme and reviewing the overall content. Furthermore, they choose the ones that best fit the theme of the magazine and help edit them for conventions and continuity. In addition to writing by students, the club members also read famous works and learn to improve their writing skills. According to Ms. Pentangelo, Patterns Club gives students the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and collaborate through reflection and discussion.

Members agree that Patterns allows them to grow as a writer, meet new friends with similar interests, and learn new skills. They feel that the club provides them with insight on different perspectives through poetry.

“Patterns helped me work on my grammatical skills and prepared myself for college,” said Samina Ahmad ‘17. “Because of this club, I’ve learned how to use InDesign and Photoshop.”

As the semester progresses, the members work on layouts and editing for the magazine. Editors of the club decide on which submissions to include through a voting system.

“In the club, our final product is the magazine,” said Erica Levin ‘17, the art director of Patterns. “I felt accomplished once it was finally set to print and was amazed that a group of students were able to create this together and for it to turn out the way it did.”

Ms. Pentangelo describes her students’ works as a treasure chest filled with various adventures and jewels of literature. The students contribute to the magazine by putting effort into their writing, in hopes of connecting with the audience. Hard work does seem to pay off, as a few of her students were complimented for their writing at a recent event.

On May 12, Ms. Pentangelo brought students to the Poetry Festival at City College to give support to fellow students who were presenting their poems on stage. Two of her students, Agha Shah ‘18 and Regina Wong ‘18, won honorable mention at the citywide contest.

The students really enjoyed the trip and I was so proud of our winners for being brave and stepping outside of their comfort zone,” said Ms. Pentangelo. “It was an amazing accomplishment for them and an enjoyable experience for all in attendance.”

Overall, Patterns magazine captures the emotions and imagination of students and shares those feelings for others to read and relate to. It serves as a creative outlet in the Midwood community and allows students to truly express themselves.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved in our club and each year, we work very diligently to produce a magazine that is unique and innovative,” said Ms. Pentangelo.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the 2017 version of Patterns, they can visit Ms. Pentangelo in room 313 during periods 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 and purchase a copy for $5.



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