Arista/ Archon Ceremony Rewards Hard Work

By Shakila Islam ‘18 and Evelyn Perez ‘18               

After a lot of hard work, new Arista/Archon members were initiated into the societies through the ceremony that was held on May 18 in the school auditorium.

Arista/Archon is a program for those who have done really well in school and who have helped out in the school community. Ms. Fannie Daniels, a guidance counselor, organizes the ceremony and determines who will be  the new members of Arista/Archon. There are different requirements for both Arista and Archon. To get into Arista, a junior must have an overall average of at least a 93. A senior must have at least a 90 overall average. Archon requires a sophomore or
junior or senior to have at least 105 service credits. In addition, students must pass a character check.

“We send out a notice to the staff informing [them about] students who have met the requirements,” said Ms. Daniels. “If they feel [like the student’s] character [has a] flaw, that they shouldn’t be inducted into the society then they tell us. It doesn’t happen [a lot].”

392 students were selected to take part of the Archon/Arista societies. Students who joined Arista/Archon for the first time had to pay a one time membership fee of $10. The money is used to cover the expenses of the ceremony.

Maham Qureshi ‘18, a new member of Arista/Archon said, “I was super excited that I
got into the Arista/Archon program. I’m looking forward to the ceremony.”

            The ceremony started with the students making their entrance, followed by the pledge and the national anthem. The national anthem was sung by Josephine Mammoliti ‘18.

During the ceremony, the leaders of the graduating class gave their own speeches. They also lit the candles for the three pillars of the societies, which are scholarship, service, and character.

Clifford Young ‘17 said during his speech, “You’ve joined the community of leaders that I mentioned earlier. Whether you’re in Archon, Arista, or both organizations, you’re bigger than the grades and you’re bigger than the amount of service

New members received pins. However, due to the way that the students lined up, everyone received the Arista and the Archon pin. Students will not be required to return the pins that they were not supposed to receive.

The 2018 leaders were announced. They are Brendan Mcerlaine 18’, Albina Kukic 18’, Selena Tan 18’, Shawal Malik 18’, Joyce Chen 18’, and Stacy Miller ‘18.

In addition, Sabrina Slutsky ‘17 announced the names of the members who attended
the ceremony.

The ceremony lasted an hour. Students were required to dress in black and white for the occasion. According to Ms. Daniels, she found out that it has always been a black and white event. Refreshments were served after
the ceremony. Water, cookies and brownies were served to the students, families, and friends.

Students in the Arista/Archon program gave their opinions on the program and ceremony.                            

“The program is a great way to show those students that have achieved more for their grades,” said Qureshi. “It’s also a great achievement as those in Arista Archon to put on our college applications.”

            Israt Islam ‘18 said, “I applied to Arista Archon because I was in Arista in middle school and I remember how fun the ceremony was.  I also knew it looked good on our college application so that’s a plus.”

Noran Abo-Donia ‘18 attended the ceremony.

            “I thought the ceremony was really nice. It acknowledged the efforts of the students who have worked really hard when it came to grades and community involvement. It appreciated our efforts and allowed us to celebrate with our friends and family,” said Abo-Donia ‘18.

            Sarah Elmoshbah ‘18 also attended the ceremony and thought it was a wonderful experience.

            Elmoshbah said, “My parents came to cheer me on. My friends and family came so it was really nice to show what I have accomplished.”

            Not only was the ceremony a great way to show parents their kids’ accomplishments, but there are many benefits to the Arista/Archon program.

            Islam said, “The program enhances my college application by providing academic achievements.”

            The ceremony was an event that sparked students’ talents and showed what they have accomplished for them and for the school.




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