Teaching Is A Work Of Heart

In a student’s perspective, a teacher is someone who’s in a classroom all day, deals with students, and constantly grades papers. But that’s just a small aspect of what makes a teacher a teacher.

There’s more to being a teacher aside from the general perception; different teachers have different reasons for pursuing their careers.

“I’ve always found myself tutoring students,” said Mr. Vincent Adams, a chemistry teacher. “And I’ve always liked tutoring and teaching. It’s something I naturally flow into.”

Mr. Adams enjoys teaching chemistry because he thinks the subject is interesting and applicable to life. He also wants to “encourage students who thought that chemistry was the hardest thing ever, that it’s not that bad.”

Mr. Matthew Fazio, a math teacher, similarly became a teacher because he admires the nature of mathematics and wants students to make connections of creative and analytical interests. He compared opening up students’ minds with different connections to the nature of the sine and cosine waveforms.

While not all teachers immediately knew that they wanted to become teachers, some were directed in this path because they were inspired by their own teachers.

Ms. Myrna Franco, a Spanish teacher, who at first, never saw herself as a teacher, was inspired to become one by her Spanish professor in college.

As a result, “I enjoy making a difference on a smaller scale by contributing to my students’ education and helping them achieve their dreams,” said Ms. Franco.

Likewise, Ms. Antoinette Thorne and Mr. Conrad Boyd, English teachers, both said, “My hardest teacher inspired me to become a teacher.”

To some teachers, being a teacher may mean being able to teach a certain curriculum in a certain amount of time. But for others, it allows them to be creative and mindful, in terms of how the curriculum is taught and presented to students, knowing that different students learn differently.

Ms. Franco, for instance, sets new goals for herself every school year, but her “most persistent goal has always been to develop new strategies that can help students in their classes.”

Mr. Adams always aims to give his students “a decent education when they leave his class, in terms of chemistry,” always encourages them to freely ask questions when they don’t understand something, and always expects them to do their best.

Just like students have favorite moments of their education, teachers have highlights of their work.

Ms. Thorne and Mr. Boyd both enjoys working with students and helping them in ways to become successful in their futures.

Mr. Adams and Ms. Franco see it as an accomplishment and a rewarding moment respectively, when they are able to reach out to students who are struggling in their class to have that “ah-hah” moment and finally understanding something.

The passion that teachers have for their work is reflected in the efforts they put into their lesson plans and displayed as the late bell rings for class to begin.

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