Early Release of SAT Scores Causes Concerns

A lot of students were puzzled on May 3 when the April SAT test scores were accidentally released. The results were up in the morning, but by the afternoon they had completely vanished. This left many students in a state of confusion and anger.

Jessie Liu ‘18 said, “I felt betrayed and confused because I thought it was my SAT score and I didn’t know if that was actually it.”

Some students thought that the scores were simply released too early, while others hoped CollegeBoard had made a mistake and given out the wrong scores.

Although the mix up caused anxiety and anticipation for the real scores, the results that students saw were accurate and were just posted too early. CollegeBoard decided to remove these scores because of the mistake.

Anthony Damon ‘18 said, “I was nervous because I didn’t know if my scores were going to go up, down, or stay the same.”

On May 8, students were able to access their official scores, and many saw the same results as the week before. Some students were relieved to find out their scores had not changed.

“I am happy that my SAT score was not changed, because my worries had erupted throughout the week,” said Sasha Celestin ‘18. “I was worried that my score would be lower or that I would have to retake it.”

A number of students faced other worries when they found out that their SAT score wasn’t posted on May 3, while many others were.

Alec Desormeau ‘18 said, “I felt left out and kind of worried that everyone was getting their scores and mine wasn’t up yet. I thought that only people with high scores got their results back and mine wasn’t high enough to be posted yet.”

When the official results were released on May 8, these students were glad to find out that they weren’t left out because of their score on the test.

“When I found out there was a mistake with the tests, I was relieved that it wasn’t the score of my test that left me out of the first release date,” said Desormeau.

To access your SAT scores, you have to register with CollegeBoard first. Once you are signed in, click on “My SAT”. It may lead some students to a page that makes you fill out more information for your account. Once you are done with that, refresh your page to view your scores. All SAT scores will be displayed and from there you can send your results to colleges you wish to go to.

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