Big Sister Program Encourages Growth

If you are a freshman or sophomore who needs help with homework or is struggling in a specific class, the big sister program is the place to be. With Ms. Sakaina Simon from three thirty to five every Tuesday and Thursday in the library.

The big sister program allows junior and senior girls to help their younger sisters, girls with any school related work.

Current big sister Arlet Olivera-Zelaya ‘18 said, “This is different than learning from a teacher for the little sisters because we went through the same learning process that they are going through.”

So far a few little sisters who need help with homework and classes like math have attended and made use of the program.

Mariam Tariq ‘20 said, “ Having someone besides me who can tutor me and I’m comfortable talking to is really helpful especially since, I struggle in math and that is a topic that is best understood when thoroughly explained.”

Many students can be shy to ask their teacher for help, and it can be intimidating, but most if the time they seem to be fine when talking to another student.

Maliha Zaman ‘19 said, “I like how I can talk to everyone here and comprehend things I don’t understand in class.”

According to Ms.Simon after the second marking period students who are failing two to three classes due to low grades will be highly recommended to come to the program.

Big sisters are able to give back to the community by helping fellow students as well doing an extracurricular activity that looks great on college resumes.

Rawan Elkhauly ‘18 said, “This program not only helps little sisters it also helps big sisters to communicate with others.”

Joining the big sister program may help you more than you think. If you don’t mind another student helping you understand something that you have trouble with, then you know where to come.

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