AP Environmental Projects Expand Knowledge

With AP examinations over, the Environmental course is taking a step towards an annual end-of-the-year project which was implemented by Ms. Kimberly Lau.

The AP Environmental course students will have to make a presentation about the topic they had chosen and will have to present it in class for both a final grade from Ms. Lau and from their fellow classmates. Topics include polar bears, Antarctica’s Blood Falls, bison, the love canal, the deforestation of Amazon rainforest, bison, malaria, the Great Barrier Reef decline, and the fish in Finding Nemo.  

The project is set out to begin in the beginning of the second week of May. They will be presented in class starting by May 10.

 “I’m really looking forward to this project and excited to see to how much more I can add to my knowledge of environmental science,” said Calvin Huynh ’18

This project will help with the environmental students gain more knowledge on the topics they had selected and showcase what they learned throughout the course of the year.

 Ayesha Bhutta ’18 said, “The project will be a good chance to display what I have learned  in environmental throughout the year.”

It will also provide insight to others in the course about other student’s topics which can help them in increasing their knowledge about environmental science overall.

The project has been given throughout the past few years in which the course was made available.

This is the final project for the course and students will talk about it to other students throughout the rest of the year.Even those that have signed up for it.

“I feel this project will give me the chance to be able to interact with my fellow classmates and as well showcase how much I have learned,” said Rachael Goryachkovskiy ‘18

If you do get  into the class you will be satisfied with the knowledge that will help you throughout your life, and it is a class with many extracurricular activities.

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