Wind Ensemble Blows Audience Away

By Kortni Chung ’18

In the interest of full disclosure Kortni Chung is a member of the wind ensemble.

                A Night on Broadway featured the wind ensemble on Thursday night, April 27, and Friday night, April 28. The band volunteered their time to be there to support the vocalists and dancers through excerpts of the play.

                “In some ways it’s a lot more challenging to play with live music because there are more moving parts,” said Ms. Melissa Williams, the ensemble’s conductor. “The dancers and singers have to adjust to the band and the band has to adjust to the dancers and singers.”

                While recorded music is a little more predictable because it is exactly the same each time, the spontaneity of the live music makes it very exciting. No two performances will ever be the same. The ensemble’s first performance was I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables, arranged by Michael Brown. The song was sung by Josephine Mammoliti ’18 and included an instrumental solo with the band.

                “I certainly think the maturity and emotion of this piece came through,” said Ms. Williams. “So many people commented on the beauty of the musical climax when the vocalist built up to the key change and the brass section and cymbal pushed through the crescendo. I got goosebumps every time!”

                The band’s final performance was from the Chicago Medley, Selections from Chicago, arranged by Ted Ricketts.

                “Chicago and I Dreamed a Dream are definitely two very different songs,” said trumpet player, Carina Pierre-Louis ’18. “The style of I Dreamed a Dream is played long, smooth, and connected, whereas Chicago requires a harsher articulation.”

                This piece seemed to be a challenge, with its fast moving rhythm and constant tempo changes, but nothing too hard for the ensemble to handle. While the music was being played, some of the actors recited their lines while background singers whispered the lyrics.

                “I think Chicago was really fun to play since it’s more upbeat, which adds more liveliness to the musical,” said flautist, Kaelyn Lin ’20.

                Trombone player, Samsen Marquez ’20 said, “Overall, the show was awesome, a lot of people really enjoyed it.”

                Ms. Williams added, “It would seem like a missed opportunity if we didn’t get as many kids involved as possible to highlight the accomplishments of the performing arts here.”



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