Seniors Share Advice for Underclassmen

By Sarah Cen ‘18 and Xin Lin ‘18

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to the senior Hornets. Having experienced the ups and downs of high school, many seniors possess valuable advice for long term success.

One of the most important components for success is a stellar grade point average. Many seniors emphasized the significance of academic achievements and wished they had tried harder to obtain higher marks in class.   

“One thing I wish I knew when I came into high school was to never let your grades slack,” said Kaitha Agnant ‘17. “When you do, it’s hard to get them back up.”

Others -felt they should’ve prioritized standardized tests, such as the SATs and ACTs. These standardized tests are crucial in college admissions and its importance shouldn’t be belittled.

“I should’ve spent more time studying for the SAT,” said Alice Lin ‘17. “In my experience, some colleges treat the SATs as gold and GPAs as bronze.”

While academics play a substantial role in college admissions, several seniors also highlighted the influence of extracurricular activities. Many emphasized the benefits of joining a club or a team and getting involved in the community.

“Extracurricular allow you to meet people and teach you how to use your time wisely,” said Aziza Daniel ‘17. “If you are involved outside of class, it would help colleges see that you did more than get good grades. They can see how you took initiative in your high school social life.”

Balancing academics and extracurricular, many students face a common issue: stress. Some seniors suggested to those who feel stressed to practice time management and plan ahead.                  

“Don’t procrastinate because these four years really fly by,” said Elizabeth Skapley ‘17. “Always be on top of your school work and college applications, but have fun as these are the last four years you really get to be a kid.”

Furthermore, many affirmed the effects of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, how you feel correlates to how well you perform your tasks.

“One can stay focused by feeding their body and mind. It’s about knowing your limits and remembering not to skip breakfast when you’re running late, not to pull all-nighters if you think you won’t finish your project, not to neglect your body the meal that it needs when you’re trying to finish your homework,” said Deanna Andreyev ‘17. “You should always know that when your body is energized, your mind will be too.”

Other important factors for success include taking advantage of leisure time and taking risks. People should use their free time to discover what they’re passionate about and shape their perspectives.

“Realize how valuable your time is,” said Raymond Liao ‘17. “More importantly, don’t be afraid to take risks. You’ll rather regret doing it than thinking what if.”

Although academics are a priority, many seniors agree that it shouldn’t define who you are. Students shouldn’t neglect the significance of getting involved outside of class. Instead of worrying about trivial things such as popularity or trendiness, students should make lasting memories that will define themselves.

“In the end, graduation isn’t a deadline for your future plans,” said Mitchell Mui ‘17. “Explore different options and pursue your passions. It’s okay to not have everything figured out.”

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