Robotics Class Receives New Laptops

Rebecca Chan ’18 and Sylvia Kerzhner ’18

As they have deserved, Ms. Lisa Ali’s robotics class finally received new laptops after waiting for this moment for several years. These laptops posed benefits to the students, allowing them to achieve their goals in this class.

“In robotics, we use the laptops for programming and to save our programs. Not only that, we use the laptops to download and compile our programs,” said Jessica Wong ‘18.

              The students find these laptops essential because they help them control specific parts of a robot and from there, take on difficult tasks regarding the motion of the robot.

           “The laptops definitely have been beneficial in which we can utilize more desk space for our robots and tools,” said Justin Jiang ‘18. “We are now more mobile and efficient due to the increase in space size.”

The robotics team had been waiting for this opportunity for many years. It had been difficult for Midwood to take on this possibility considering there was a low budget.

“We finally had leftover money in our budget so Dr. Pysher and I decided to put it to good use,” said Ms. Ali.

These new computers have been incredibly helpful to the students in terms of making their daily tasks easier and keeping them organized.

     “The laptops are most useful when we run driver-controlled programs because we can bring the laptops with us while having the controllers plugged into them,” said Jiang. “The bluetooth frequencies between the robot and the laptop are closer, so there is a higher chance of not disconnecting.”

Likewise, Samir Chan ‘18 said, “The laptops helped a lot because now we don’t have to rely on wires to connect to our NXT, a type of robot. Instead, we use bluetooth to connect to the NXT.”

             Ms. Ali and her class have been proud of their accomplishments with these laptops.

              According to Ms. Ali, life is so much easier with the laptops because students can move around to the field to obtain a better view of their robots using their remote controllers. These laptops also give students the chance to be collaborative by working together.

                  The robotics team will now be able accomplish great things and learn more from getting these laptops.


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