Hornets Take AP Exams in Gym

By Aamna Arshad ‘18 and Abiha Naqvi ‘18

Hornets took their AP Exams in the C-Gym this year because Brooklyn College was unable to provide space on their campus due to unprecedented issues.  

In the past, AP students went to Brooklyn College and took their exams; however, this year Mr. Michael McDonnell had to find an alternative which would be beneficial for both Midwood students and Brooklyn College.  

“Brooklyn College told us last year, due to their increased enrollment and construction work in several classrooms they wouldn’t be able to provide us space to run the AP Exams,” said Mr. McDonnell.

Midwood was able to purchase about 210 new desks and chairs that would initially be used for AP Exams.

“Every other school does it this way, Murrow, Madison, and now Midwood. The only thing is they have more gyms than us. We only have two gyms that we can use, and we had to close one of them for two weeks,” said Mr. McDonnell.

Mr. McDonnell also added that the students who have gym in the C-Gym will be in the auditorium for the first week of APs. For the second week of APs, G-Gym students will then be in the auditorium while C-Gym students play in the G-Gym.

At first, many students were unhappy when they heard about the idea of taking their AP Exams in the gymnasium.

Ashley Masih ‘18 said, “My first reaction when I heard we were taking the AP’s in the C-Gym was, ‘gross, this is where people sweat, and we are going to sit and take the exam here?’”

Masih added that the sound of the bell, noisy kids in the hallway, and constant knocking on the door was distracting, which may have affected her performance.

Melissa Wadler ‘18 said, “I feel like the temperature of the gym definitely messed up a lot of peoples concentration. In Brooklyn College the room was cool.”

Students also agreed that they enjoyed taking the exams in Brooklyn College a lot more than taking them in the gym because they felt they were able to concentrate a lot more, and they didn’t have as many distractions.

“Taking the exam in Brooklyn College was a very different experience. It felt like a place where you would take an exam, not where you would workout,” Masih said.

On the other hand, there were also some students who at first were a little concerned, but after taking an exam felt that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Amina Tariq ‘18 said, “I was a little concerned and had some doubts that it would be packed, stuffy, and hot in the gym, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. Being in the gym also saved us a lot time because we didn’t have to go into another building.”

Tariq added that when taking an exam you shouldn’t let the place of the exam distract you. You should just focus on the questions, completing the exam, and then you should be fine.  

Bradley Cisternino ‘17 said, “Overall, the test was not a bad experience. The sound in the hallways got distracting at times, but the seats themselves were comfortable.”

For next year, Mr. McDonnell plans on doing something similar, but isn’t fully sure of the exact plan.  He is more concerned about getting through this year of AP Exams first.

After the AP Exams are over this year, the new desks and chairs will be placed in different classrooms. They have the potential to fill about six full classrooms. However, the main goal is to replace all of the smaller desks with the new and more spacious designs, so students can learn in a more comfortable environment.  


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