Fidget Spinners: Trendy or Nuisance?

By Timothy Chan ’18

From pen clicking to bottle flipping, students continue to find ways to be a distraction in class, which now comes in the form of spinning plastic.

Fidget Spinners are widely popular amongst people of all ages and are becoming a new trend in schools. These hand-held toys, worth about five dollars, are supposed to aid those who have ADHD by giving them an outlet to rid them of their fidgeting. This is supposed to allow people who use them to have increased focus as they are no longer distracted by the urge to perform another task. Finally, it seems to be a teacher’s dream coming true as the days of the annoying sound of pens clicking, table drumming, and pencil twirling are over.

However, this new trend seems to have the opposite effect on students within the classroom as they have become nothing but a nuisance to teachers. This epidemic is far worse than the annoying sound of a clicking pen or the drumbeat of a bored classmate as it seems much harder to put down. Rather than improving a student’s focus, it creates an even larger distraction than phones as it catches the attention of other classmates.

“These fidget spinners are quite an anomaly by distracting kids more than aiding them,” Mr. Adams said.

During class or through the halls, students can’t seem to end their mindless spinning as it has become a part of their lifestyle.  This seemingly addictive toy is constantly in the hands of many students doing the exact opposite of what was designed. Teachers are now struggling to gain the attention of a class as they now have to deal with this new trend along with pre-existing ones. Moreover due to the fidget spinners’ simplistic design comes with many unique yet bizarre ways to distract the class.

“How is it helping me? As I’m teaching a class I see kids spinning them on the desk or their nose,” Mr. Adams said.

As absurd as it may seem, students can still find new ways to entertain themselves though a boring lesson or seemingly endless school day. Now it may seem all fun and games but for the teachers this new trend has become a never-ending nightmare as it rears its ugly head throughout every period. To make matters worse, this is only the beginning as fidget spinners will only continue to grow in popularity as time goes on. But, who knows? Maybe this new trend will go as fast as it spun into the hands of students and the teachers may finally catch a break.

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