Extremist Group Threatens to Limit Free Speech

By Yusha Rahique ‘18

                    Antifa was meant to be an anti-fascist organization, promising to protect our rights yet doing the exact opposite. This left-wing group has taken a radical turn as of late attacking conservatives and other right-wingers, labeling them as racists. Recently, they have attacked trump supporters. No matter what your political affiliations might be, there is no justification for attacking peaceful trump supporters

                     The most famous incident took place at Berkeley, California when Antifa protesters attacked Trump supporters and threw smoke bombs at them. According to the gatewaypundit.com, a member of Antifa, Louise Rosealma, claimed she was punched by a Trump supporter after simply wandering and getting lost in the crowd. It was later discovered that she wasn’t so innocent after all and was actually carrying around a wine bottle in her hand. This same lady was asked if it was if it was okay for her organization if it was okay for her organization to be throwing M-80S towards a crowd full of people to which she responded by saying “revolutions aren’t easy” according thedailycollar.com.

                     The name of the group stems from the words anti-fascists yet they have contradicted the name themselves as they have violently attacked anyone with an opposing view. This fascist and violent group has turned into everything that they are supposed to stand against. During what is now known as the “Battle of Berkeley”, Trump supporters fought back against the Antifa mob. The loss to the Trump supporters now has prompted Antifa to request combat training as well as requesting the use of firearms. Notable Libertarian activist Milo Yiannopoulos, had his speech in February at the university of Berkeley, shut down because of violent protests by Antifa according to wnd.com.

                    Antifa is associated with another left wing group known as BAMN or By Any Means Necessary. “BAMN is not a democratically run organization, it is a cult that rips apart families, forces students to drop out of school, and financially exploit their organizers to a life of extreme poverty. Numerous testimonies on BAMN’s behavior and their survivors can attest that this organization only seeks to fulfill their sick interests,” stated one source according to emsnews.wordpress.com. They have been known to wave the Chinese communist flag during demonstrations.

                  Antifa being associated with such groups just goes to show what kind of an organization they themselves are. It has even been reported by heatst.com that the annual Portland Rose Parade had been cancelled this year due to threats of violence by Antifa. It goes against our founding ideals to attack people over there views. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the view of others. Our country is based upon people being allowed to voice their opinions and this group is not only contradicting their own name, but they are disrespecting one of the founding ideals of our country.

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