Boys LAX Hopes to Regain Momentum

By Yusha Rahique ’18

As the warm spring weather brings forth the beginning of the lacrosse season, the team is off to a rocky start. The boys’ varsity lacrosse team suffered back to back losses to Tottenville and Cardazo in the first two games of the season with a score of 18-0 and 15-5 respectively. They also suffered losses to New Dorp and Curtis with a score of 2-8 and 0-17 respectively. The only glimmer of hope has been the 7-1 victory over Port Richmond. But with the current 1-4 record that the team holds, the playoffs seem to be getting farther and farther away.

                “The losses have been devastating thus far especially considering how hard we have worked during practice,” stated Anthony Rodriguez ’18, of the varsity team. “Communication and good team chemistry is key and that is what we have been lacking thus far resulting in our losses,”.

                Ishmael Lahbichi ‘18 said “I am one of the newest members of the lacrosse team but I have witnessed the great sense of unity amongst the players. We work hard every day and although these losses are devastating, it will serve as motivation for us to do better,”.

                We got the chance to interview the coach, Zachary Alexander, and gather his thoughts on the lackluster start of the season.

                 “We started the season off poorly but I have faith in these young gentlemen that we will be able to recover,” stated coach Alexander. “The team has certainly improved from the last few years and the current players have shown an aptitude of working very well with one another,”.

                 Now that the season has begun, the boys have been practicing every day at Marine Park in preparation of upcoming games. This will be the last time any of the seniors on the team get an opportunity to make it to the playoffs and they want to end their high school journey with a bang.

                  “The highlight of my four years in Midwood has been playing for the lacrosse team and being a part of that family,” stated Evan Burgos ‘17. “I have enjoyed being on the team but before I graduate, I do hope the team finally gets a chance to make the playoffs as my last hurrah,”.

                 “Despite what the records show, the team has been working extremely hard to prepare for their coming games and I am very proud of the effort and dedication they have for the sport,” stated Coach Alexander.

                 The team is set on getting to the playoffs for the first time in years and look to be more than up to the challenge considering no matter how hard of a competition they end up facing. The last game of the season will take place on May 8, against Madison and the team has until then to improve their record.

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