Volleyball Team Bumps Aside Brooklyn Tech

By Damali Ramirez ‘18

As someone prepares to watch a boy’s volleyball game, they’re not ready for the experience they’re about to encounter. The brotherhood among the players and the pregame ritual is something special. On April 4, the 18 individual bodies grouped up in a huddle, swinging side to side.

“Miiiddwooooddd,” multiple voices shouted as they swung becoming one powerful voice with one goal, to come out victorious.

The game was unlike any other. The Hornets have been waiting three years to beat Brooklyn Technical High School with a two consecutive set victory. As the game progressed, the tension in the air grew so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Before the game started setter and outside hitter, Sher Ahmed ‘18 stated: “Since I’ve been here as a freshman I’ve always wanted to beat Tech on our home court. I’m representing not just this years team, but all the alumni that have played for this program before.”

It was the final serve and the spectators were on the edge, waiting to see who would get the final point. It was nearly impossible to take your eyes off the ball as it flew forwards and backwards until Tech finally hit the ball into the net. The Hornets went ballistic as they realized the final point went to them, and they accomplished their goal.

They won the first set, 25-23, and the second set, 25-22.

Frank Troiso ‘18, outside hitter, passionately said, “Not a lot of moments compare to the feeling of winning the most important game of the season.”  

Brooklyn Technical High School players were unavailable for a comment.

Samvel Gazaryan ‘18, outside hitter, expressed throughout the game the team had difficulty defeating Tech but the victory felt spectacular.

The team faces new challenges in their games and practices. Middle blocker, middle and outsider hitter, Michael Grandel ‘17, said, “Everyday someone gets injured, as today I collided with Kyaw Khant ‘20. It was quite funny because for a non contact sport, volleyball is the most dangerous.”

Now that they’ve beat Tech their next goal is to win the state division title. The team’s hard work (practice five to six days a week) has given them a season of six wins and zero losses.  

The coach, Ms. Thomasina Lenzi, ensures her team plays good defense, transition defense, stays focused, and emphasizes teamwork. She stated, “Talent is a good thing, but teamwork is the most important.”    


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