Trip to Hunter College Opens Minds of ELL Students

By Sarah Bain ’18, Liana Hasan ‘18

English language learner students went on a trip to Hunter college campus on Saturday, January 21.

 Mr. Max Pinsky, an ELL teacher said, “One of the main reasons for this trip was that many of our 11th and 12th grade English language learners specifically requested a trip to a college campus, and we felt that it was an excellent idea. 9th and 10th graders were also invited to participate because, as we always tell them, it’s never too early to start thinking about higher education.”

First-hand experience was proven to be helpful in students choosing the right college for themselves.  As these students consider their options for college, we feel that it’s important for them to spend as much time as possible exploring the academic programs and student life that different colleges offer.

Roussena Jean Pierre ‘18, a student who attended the trip, said, “The school was very big and beautiful. It really opened up my choices for colleges, and now I might even think of it as a considerable college for my future. The tour was really helpful and engaging.”

Tours can open up a new and more direct view of a student’s future in a college, compared to reading about a college on the internet or from a book.

Arielle Appolon ‘18 who also attended said, “This was a real eye opening experience. It reminded that there is not much time left and that I need to start thinking of where I am at right now and what I need to do to get to where want to be in a year. Hunter college is definitely somewhere on my list. In the end, I’m happy that I went.”

According to assistant principal, Teresa Fernandez, the trip, which gave a tour of the campus and information on the scholarships, provided a great way to help juniors and seniors who are approaching the decision for colleges.

“The tour guide walked the students all throughout the school and explained all the benefits of the school. It was just an amazing way to really connect the students with the college, itself. I would definitely recommend all students of Midwood to take part in more college tours like this,” said Ms. Fernandez.

All in all, the event rewarded the students and chaperones.

“I feel that the trip was a success in that I think all of our students came away impressed with Hunter’s campus and programs, and they also came away with a better understanding of what factors to consider in general when applying for college. Some of our students had never set foot on a college campus before, and I believe this was a very valuable experience for them,” said Mr Pinsky

If you are also interested in going on a college tour and broadening your own choices of colleges, go see Ms. Fernandez in room 427.


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