Monitors Help Midwood Strive

By Stella Ni ’18

Student monitors are essential for the school to operate smoothly throughout the year.

School offices and classrooms are popular places where students can offer help. In a school office, students generally assist the administration. Whereas in a classroom, students assist the teacher by doing simple activities that would help the class move smoothly.

Ms. Jessica Villafane has a monitor in each of her classes to write the homework assignment in the homework notebook to help speed up the grading process and stay organized.

Usually students take the initiative to ask teachers if they need help. During their free period, students help around the office or classroom. However, some teachers prefer helpers who are currently enrolled in their class. It allows them to have a casual conversation on a non-academic level.

Ms. Susana Sala said, “It gives me the opportunity to discover various aspects of students and build stronger bonds with them.”

Many teachers and school administration members have multiple monitors. Guidance counselors have many helpers to run errands for them. During the programming period from March to April, it’s hectic in the guidance offices.

According to Ms. Stephanie Gluck, there are two to eight monitors in any given period. The monitors help sort files and deliver appointments to students. The student’s role in this process is vital in completing the programs on time.

“I felt that even helping a bit took a huge weight off the teacher,” said Sophia Khoja ’17.

AP material or critical information needs to be distributed to teachers. Thus, it’s essential to have messengers to present these notices to teachers and students.

“They are always happy to help by doing simple jobs like filing newsletters into mailboxes,” said Mrs. Laurie Corace.

Early last month, the general office sent an email to all students requesting help. Due to a recent change, the main office now signs visitors in and out of the building. When parents come to school to discuss their child’s progress, the monitors help to pinpoint the student’s whereabouts. This is convenient and saves a lot of time for both the parents and teachers.

According to Mrs. Roberta Burns, the main office received a good response after the email. There are at least three monitors each period ready to lend a helping hand.

“I try to manage my time wisely and use every minute of the day,” said Rafaella Bruzual ’18. “So, while I’m not helping the office, I get a head start on my homework.”

Being a monitor is beneficial in many ways. Not only do you feel pleased at the end of the day, the school rewards the cooperative individuals with credits. These volunteer credits are required to join Archon, a society that recognizes a student’s academic achievement and service to the school. The school rewards an office worker with 20 credits and a teacher’s helper with ten credits.


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