Knitting and Felting Club Promotes Arts and Gifts

By Emily Jiang ‘18

The Knitting and Felting Club ignites the creative passion in students. This club was created a month ago to attract everyone who was interested in knitting. Club meetings are every Wednesday ninth period and Thursday eleventh period in room 3S.

The club is run by president Keying Lao ’18 and vice president Jessie Zheng ’18 after the Knitting Club was dismissed because its former president graduated.

“I started the club because I like doing arts and crafts as well,” said Lao.

President Keying Lao wishes for students to attend Knitting and Felting Club whether or not they had previous experience.

“Prior experience is not required to join the club,” said Lao. “The vice president, Jessie Zheng, and I are teaching the members how to knit and felt.”

All materials are provided, such as wool, felting needle, yarn, yarn sticks, etc. However, students are allowed to bring their own supplies.

According to Linda Chen ’18, the club members are gathered around in a circle as the president shows how to felt. At the same time, vice president Jessie shows the group how to knit.

Members enjoy their time spent at the club. Besides knitting and felting, they can also socialize with each other.

“At first, I thought the club would be pretty boring,” said Qiting Wu ’18. “However, it was in fact interesting and fun. The club offered an opportunity for people to socialize since you can talk all you want despite that your hands are busy.”

Being relatively new, the club has not finished any projects yet. However, members are hoping to in the future. They are currently working on felting a strawberry, and knitting a bunny.


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