Key Club Welcomes New President

By Ashlee Basant ’18

Being part of a school community is very important. Wendy Lliguichuzhca ’18 is Key Club’s new president for the 2017-2018 term and believes that this is the most influential way she can support her school and fellow students.

Before becoming the club’s new president, Lliguichuzhca served as webmaster. This position required her to update the club’s website, Facebook page, and create forms for the events. She planned on continuing this position but after being convinced by the club’s immediate past editor, Alice Mo ’18, she realized being the next president was right for her.

Lliguichuzhca has been inspired by Key club’s entire board. By working with the immediate past president, Josephine Leung ’18, she was mesmerized by Leung’s love and enthusiasm for this service. Furthermore, she gained inspiration from the immediate past lieutenant governor, Raymond Liao ’17 and international trustee Clifford Young ’17.

“These people, who are not much older than I am, were making a difference in the world and the idea that I might be able to do the same is something I would’ve never thought of in my wildest dreams,” she said.

From being webmaster to now wanting to become the next president, she was definitely nervous yet excited to spread her passion for Key Club.

She said, “While thinking of the title ‘president’ is somewhat daunting, the idea of being able to do more for a club that has taught me so much, and been with me since a curious little freshman, seems like the biggest way to give back.”

Lliguichuzhca’s new position entails looking for events to present to the other board members, creating agendas for weekly meetings, as well as creating ideas for upcoming fundraisers and events.

She said, “Planning an event that is part of a bigger organization consists of going on volunteermatch or doing some google research on walks and other volunteering opportunities.”

After an event is chosen, it is discussed among the rest of the board and then the organizers are contacted. A board meeting is called where they talk over locations, possible dates, and the roles of all members. For instance, one event that was created by the entire board was the Midwood-Tech-Stuy Friendship Event. Although planning and organizing events are a huge part of her role as president, helping others is so much more important.

“One phrase we often use is that we may not make keys, but we do open doors,” she said.

As president, she believes one of her biggest responsibilities is to help open doors for students so they can have an opportunity to be apart of Key Club and make a difference in society.

“No matter how old or young you are, you change someone’s life with everything you do and being a Key Clubber means that you’re changing someone’s life for the better,” she said.

By being apart of the school’s community, Lliguichuzhca realized how all students come together for a bigger cause.

She said, “In a school of over 4000 people, I think we sometimes forget how many extraordinary people there are out there and Key Club has certainly surprised me by allowing me to see them in action.”

Another way Key Club members come together is by attending the annual Leadership Training Conference (LTC) in Albany. Lliguichuzhca said this is a weekend trip where Key Clubbers from all around the state attend workshops that teach about different organizations to donate to such as the Children’s Miracle Network and March of Dimes. Furthermore, this is where different divisions and members are recognized for their achievements. The school’s club won for a poster created by the outreach committee as well as an interclub award for the event with Brooklyn Technical and Stuyvesant High School.

“The experience at LTC is unlike any other,” she said. “I mean where else would you be able to take a picture with a beaver, go to a ball, and cheer like there’s no tomorrow?”

This journey as a key club member did indeed bring upon some difficulties. Lliguichuzhca has been able to balance her academics with her extracurricular activities. She says it’s all about time management and Key Club helped her in improving this skill.

Being part of Key Club is life changing, Lliguichuzhca said, “I bonded with people who I never expected to, I’ve learned from people, I’ve been inspired by people, and I’ve found something that I feel happy doing.


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