Journalism Student Wins First Place

By Jarin Piyana ’18                                                                                                                          

Aamna Arshad ’18 was presented with the Best of High School Journalism Awards 2016 for her feature article, “Taking Notes, Not Pictures, Leads to Lasting Knowledge” on March 24.

Long Island University Post held the awards ceremony on Friday, March 24. Students from Long Island and New York City could participate in the competition. They had to submit their best articles to enter. Hundreds of students participated, and Arshad had the best feature article out of all.

Arshad’s article was about how students shouldn’t take pictures of notes, instead they should write down notes in class. This way, it’ll help them remember the materials learned. She decided to write this article because she believed that it would help the students.

Arshad was really overwhelmed that she had won the competition. When she entered the competition, she really didn’t have any expectations. She thought it was hard to win when you are competing with hundreds of students. The competition was tough, and it is a huge accomplishment to come out as a winner.

“I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t think that I was actually going to win,” said Arshad

She said that her parents were more than proud of her for winning and even took her out to a nice celebratory dinner. They wanted to celebrate her success as a family. They were unaware that she had entered the competition to begin with so they were really surprised as well. It was proud moment for them because it was such a big accomplishment. Arshad coming out as the winner was the best thing they could have thought of.

Arshad was recommended to take journalism by her sister, who was a former Midwood student took journalism as well.  She was told that the class would help her with her writing skills which sparked her interest to join. When she first started taking the course, she didn’t know much about journalism and didn’t count herself as a good writer.

“I am terrible at writing but now I am lot better at writing than I was when I first came in,” said Arshad.

Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek, her journalism teacher, was really happy to see her student’s work getting recognized.

“I was thrilled to hear that Aamna won the award,” said Ms.Kaczmarek. “It’s a prestigious competition because students from all over Long Island and New York City participated so the competition was tough. Argus is an excellent newspaper and maintains high standards, so it’s good to see that recognized by others.”

In Journalism class, you get lots of chances to put your best writing in the newspaper. Your article might go on the newspaper, but you are open to many more opportunities just like Aamna.

“Aamna’s writing has improved throughout the year. Since the journalism students write articles every month, they got lots of opportunity to write and be published,” said Ms.Kaczmarek. “Aamna chose a smart topic that affects many students. She conducted a solid research and interviewed many people to get quotes. The lead was solid, and her prose was fluid. I’m proud of her work was recognized, and I look forward to more wonderful articles from her.”

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