Handball Team Aims for Success in Playoffs

By Lauren Heng ‘18

In the interest of full disclosure Lauren Heng is on the Girls Handball Team

Handball season has just begun, and the girls are on a roll. They’ve obliterated their opponents back to back with a score of 4-1 defeating Franklin D. Roosevelt and James Madison. They’re coming back strong from last year’s loss against Cardozo during playoffs.

With the seniors gone off to college, Jeffery Williams, the head coach, is having a hard time determining the starting players. While circulating and switching girls in and out, he’s observing who is best for each position to build a successful team. The majority of the starting players this year are new to the courts but have shown a great amount of potential.

“During games, I’d feel my heart beating really fast because I get nervous,” said first singles player Julie Liu ‘18, “But the thing that keeps me going is my team mates.”

As the days get warmer, Williams is making sure the girls are well prepared to play against some of their major opponents by letting them practice as much as possible. However, due to the inconsistent showers and cold days, practice time for the girls has been taken away.

“It’s pretty difficult to fit in practice days when we have so many postponed games due to the rain, so coach takes it pretty seriously,” said second singles player Cassie Wu ‘18. “But during our past practices, I learned most of my weaknesses and strengths and hope to overcome those flaws.”

Williams has been giving feedback and helping the girls work on their weaknesses to improve their form and strategies.

A Hornet supporter, Michelle Chen ‘18 said, “Even though the positions aren’t necessarily final, I think coach’s rotation method is a good idea since we all can have a sense of how everyone plays and learn new techniques from them.”

Last year’s loss during playoffs is motivation for the girls to strive and do their best this season. Though some of the opponents are extremely competitive, these determined hornets are confident and diligent in their upcoming games especially against Brooklyn Tech and Fort Hamilton.


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