Girls LAX Tries to Find Their Groove

By Jessie Liu ‘18 & Xin Lin ‘18

Gear up and hit the field, it’s LAX season! No other sport screams Midwood more than lacrosse. Leading the team, Ms. Kendra Lane, the new head coach for Girls Varsity Lacrosse, hopes to progress from last season’s loss.

“So far the process has been a little rocky,” said Ms. Lane. “We’re still trying to find the groove and are hoping for an upswing.”

Despite being the new coach, Ms. Lane is no stranger to the game. For the past five years, Ms. Lane was the head coach for the Girls JV Lacrosse team and believes her previous experiences help foster her expertise on and off the field. Many players on the team share the same belief and are optimistic about the team’s future and development.

“Coach Lane has honestly been an amazing and outstanding coach,” said Tammy Chen ‘18, a midfielder. “You can definitely tell that she wants nothing but for the team to do their best out on the field. She motivates the team to put in 100 percent every practice.”

Maham Saleemi ‘18, a midfielder, said, “Coach Lane was given a really hard job but still manages to give us the best feedback and helps us with conditioning, something the team struggles with.”

Last season, the Lady Hornets brought home six wins out of 18 and are ready for a comeback. The team hopes to transition from a slow start to a swinging season.

“There has been so much changes this season, from losing amazing players to not having a field to practice on,” said Joyce Chu ‘18, a defender/goalie. “Even before the season started, we’ve faced a lot of obstacles but we’ve managed to recover from all of them. We can handle anything else that comes our way.”

According to Ms. Lane, her objective isn’t only to win every game, but to also provide each player with individualized coaching. She believes each player has a different learning curve and wants to influence each member differently. Furthermore, she hopes to promote teamwork amongst the players.

“My job isn’t to rebuild the team, but rather to unify the team,” said Ms. Lane.

Several members of the team also believe that lacrosse is about more than winning. These individuals feel lacrosse also provides them with the opportunity to have a “fast break” from everything that’s going on.

“Being on Lacrosse, or on any team in general, is a great stress reliever,” said Chen ‘18. “It keeps your mind off of school, and just life in general. You don’t have to worry about homework or that project due next week.”

Other members feel being on the team provides them with the chance to redefine themselves.

“Being out there on the field gives me a sense of control in my life,” said Chu ‘18. “Even if it’s just for an hour, that hour is all I need.”

Although the team hasn’t been able to win every game, the players feel they’ve learned something important every time they’re on the field. Furthermore, members are optimistic about the direction the team is headed in. While there may be bumps on the road, the team continues to stay hopeful and are working hard to enhance their performance.   

“There’s always room for improvement,” said Ms. Lane. “Each girl is different, but we’re always learning.”  


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