Football Team Tours Colleges

By Emil Danelian ’18

In the interest of full disclosure Emil Danelian is on the football team.

Spring break can be a time to relax and catch up on sleep. For the football team, it meant staying true to their student-athlete identity. The team went on their 6th annual college trip, touring a record nine schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts. They used this opportunity to visit colleges that they might never see again.

The players visited Western Connecticut, New Haven, Southern Connecticut, Wesleyan, UConn, Harvard, UMass, Western New England, and Springfield, all in a matter of two days. The trip took all of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bryan Torres ’18 said, “The college trips have been beneficial to me because I get a chance to see the various campuses and facilities that each school has to offer. This really helps me decide what I’m looking for in a college.”

There was a mix of D1, D2, and D3 schools that players saw. They were able to compare and contrast the athletic facilities, locker rooms, and fields that schools in each division had to offer. It also let players realize how a D1 school will treat you compared to a D3 school. The D1 schools such as UMass and UConn had state of the art training facilities that would attract any high school student, while D2 or D3 schools were more limited in terms of resources.

The UConn, Harvard, UMass, and Western Connecticut tours were mainly focused on the athletic facilities, but still provided an idea of what the colleges are like. At New Haven, players were divided into groups and got an in depth tour of the campus by student tour guides. At Southern Connecticut, Wesleyan, Western New England, and Springfield, the team had a college coach give them a tour of the school.

In addition to seeing campuses, players were able to eat at some of the dining halls and talk to some college football players or coaches to get some insight as to what they will expect once they reach college. They also were able to watch Western Connecticut during practice and interact with the players. All of this made it easier for the players to realize what college life will be like for them in a few years.

Alec Desormeau ’18 said, “The college trip helped me understand what a college student’s daily routine is like and how difficult it is for a student athlete.”

Another important part of the college trip was seeing what it takes to get into a school regardless of sports. Coaches from each of the colleges told the players that their grades and what they do in and out of school play a huge factor in if they get accepted into a college or not.

Jack Luo ’19 said, “This trip allowed me to understand that academics are not the only priority and a student’s character plays a big role in the college process.”

The trip was also an eye opener to the hardships that most student-athletes will realistically face in college. Although it may be tough, coaches reassured players that they would get all the extra help they need and have tutors help overcome their problems so they can be successful.

“I expect college to be difficult, but with dedication and planning I can easily pass and go on with my career,” said Desormeau.

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