Flag Football Charges into New Season

By Suzan Morshed ‘19

The Midwood Lady Hornets flag football season officially begun on March 30. with a non-league match against New Utrecht High School.  In only their second year of existence, they appeared to be ready to kick it off with a strong performance.  This year’s team is comprised of many new faces in key spots, but the team has been practicing since March 1. with the commitment and dedication necessary to play at a high level.

Both teams seemed to be a bit  anxious which probably was key in the score being 0-0 with the first half almost over.  

At that point, Midwood began to move the ball and suddenly found themselves 10 yards from scoring the first touchdown of the game.  Unfortunately, they were unable to score and ended up going into halftime with the same score as when the game started.  

During halftime, Mr. Jonathan Skelly said, “Athletically and mentally, we are better than how we just performed. Ladies, we practice all of these things in practice, and now it’s time to put them on display.”

Coach Skelly’s halftime adjustments and words of wisdom seemed to have awaken the team because just two minutes into the second half, quarterback Elisa Blloshmi  ‘18 threw the ball in the direction of wide out Maya Walker ‘20,  who made an amazing catch at the 20 yard line.  

On third down, Junior Running Back Autum Adams-Edwards ‘18 made several nice moves off of a hand off, and was on her way to the end zone,  giving Midwood a 7-0 lead.  

This run seemed to unite the New Utrecht team and with their next possession wide receiver Brianna Alexander ‘17 caught the ball and wasn’t stopped until she reached the end zone.  

The score was now Midwood 7 and New Utrecht 6.

The score remained until one minute before the end of the game, when New Utrecht began to manipulate the ball down the field looking to finish off with an incredible comeback and a win for their team.  

They ended up scoring and gained the lead at 9-7 with 39 seconds remaining on the clock.  

The Lady Hornets gave it their best, but they weren’t able to score before the clock read 0:00, having to settle for a tough loss.  

Elisa Blloshmi ‘18 said, “This game was definitely an eye-opener. We definitely needed a non-league game before the season started to get all of our jitters out.”

Midwood will have a few practices to get the jitters out in preparation for their league opener against Tilden High School on April 6.


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