College Office Guides Juniors: Search Begins Now

By Safia Hamouche ‘18, Sylvia Kerzhner ’18, and Sherzod Nimatullo ‘18

For juniors, college is right around the corner. Many people are worrying about where they’ll go, what they will study, whether or not they’ll get financial aid. So Ms. Lorrie Director has set up college meetings for juniors to help with the college process and allow the students and their families to get a better understanding.

Many know where to begin when it comes to searching for colleges, but some overlook important aspects.

“When students do things on their own, they miss out on important information,” said Mrs. Patricia Murdoch, who runs these meetings.

Students often forget that some colleges require extra classes or extracurriculars so knowing about it now helps students know what classes to take their senior year to help them get a better shot at being accepted into their favorite colleges.

“I wish I had taken the appointment earlier to help me get organized because right now there’s a lot of stress,” said Abdullo Omonullaev ‘17.

“The point of the appointments is to help you make a list of colleges that you didn’t necessarily think of,” said Ms. Murdoch.

Appointments start at the end of April; however, all the spots for the spring term have been filled. If you wish to make an appointment, you’ll have to schedule it for fall of next year.

“My appointment is coming up this May, and I have lots of questions that I need answered,” said Nikita Shekhovtsov ‘18.

Students tend to find these meetings helpful. They get to learn more information about the colleges they want to go to, as well as requirements to get into these colleges and options they may have for financial aid and scholarships.

“I learned more about the colleges I want to pursue as well as finding out my reach, target, and likely schools,” said Gabrielle Milman ‘18. “I got to explore a bigger variety of schools and which financial aid plans work for me.”

Mrs. Murdoch said, “If you’re completely confused about your college plans, spring is a great time to go because you get the opportunity to tour schools in the summer and complete other responsibilities you may have to simplify the college application process.”

Touring colleges is another way to get ahead of the game.  It allows you to experience campus life and see if you feel comfortable on smaller or larger campuses, or if you want to stay in the city or move to the suburbs.

“It is never to early to start thinking about college. There are so many aspects of college that need to be looked at closely and it is better to start looking now and making sure you’re choosing the one that is best for you,” said Yuliya Severynenko ‘18.

Besides obtaining new information on colleges, these meeting also help you become less stressed when a student starts to apply for colleges they are already set and have the knowledge.

“We help create a balanced list of schools using the data we get to help students look at options they would never consider simply because they’re unfamiliar,” said Mrs. Director. “In my experience, students look at the same 20 schools, and we are trying to change that by combining what we know with research the students do on their own to explore more options. We also strongly encourage students to do research about colleges.”

Mrs. Murdoch and Mrs. Director do their best to make sure this process runs smoothly and make sure everyone gets a chance to discover more and worry less.


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