Classroom Dojo Inspires Student Participation

By Jenna Palme ’17, Aundre Williams ’18 & Maurice Celestin ’18

Classroom Dojo encourages students to learn with its innovative online approach to participation.

On this website, students can make their own avatar, and subsequently check on the grades that the teachers give them.  Classroom Dojo can also be accessed on student’s phones through the app.  You can get the app on any electronic device so if a student or a teacher doesn’t have a computer they can use their phone or iPad to access it.

Teachers can set a timer and let the system randomly choose anybody in the class if there is a question that has to be answered.  The app lets teachers monitor their students’ participation.  The teacher can also set up Classroom Dojo to specify it to specific skills or tasks that the students need to focus on.  If a student is seen doing something good, like participating in a discussion or doing their work silently, he or she will hear a bell from the app notifying them that their grade went up.  If the student is seen talking at an inappropriate time or is misbehaving, he or she will hear a zonk, notifying the student that their grade went down.

Ms. Jenny Ferrain said, “It allows me to track students’ behavior and grades.” So if a student wants to know how they are performing in the class they can sign up and get an access code from their teacher.

Students can upload videos and pictures to their portfolios to showcase their learning.

Parents can also interact in Classroom Dojo by sharing videos and pictures as well.  Much like PupilPath, parents can check on their kid’s progress.

Mr. Donald Amsterdam believes Classroom Dojo is like a “grading compliment”, meaning it gives a real purpose behind the participation grade.  It gives students a motivation to actually participate, even if the student doesn’t get a question right, they’ll still get points on the app.  They get points for participation or even “bravery,” according to the website.

Ms. Sara Leibman said, “I use Classroom Dojo for about 3 or 4 days a week, and I find it useful.” She believes that the students are reacting well to the positive reinforcement.

When a student sees that they have been doing well in behavior and participation, they react well.

Mr. Amsterdam noticed ever since he started using the app in late March, motivation has improved and student performance has bumped up.

Classroom Dojo is an innovative way to encourage students to speak up in class, and shed their anxiety.

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