Amnesty International Attends Annual Protest

By Amanda McBain ’18

“No Ban, No Wall!” was one of the many chants shouted out by Amnesty International members at their annual Get On The Bus event on Friday, April 6.

        The event was dedicated to exposing Amnesty International members to what human rights activism is through presentations from speakers and actually going out onto the street and advocating for change.

           “The trip consists of us learning about some of the things going on in different countries and actions that need to be taken,” said Co-President Danielle Edwards ’17.

             Students attended a conference at Cooper Union and heard from speakers who had attempted to make a change in their respective countries. The speakers varied from prisoners of conscience to advocates who have served to make a change in the judicial system.

              One of the speakers highlighted was Rabyaah Althabani, whose husband was restricted access into the United States due to Executive Order 13769, also known as the Muslim Ban. Althabani expressed that the ban violated her husband’s rights as a human being and that it was necessary for the younger generation to make their voices heard on human rights violations.

              “I learned that protesting can actually cause a change. There were a lot of strangers who joined in,  which shows that the protesting inspires people,” Tahiyat Chowdhury ’18.

              After the conference students went to consulates and presented different actions to them in hopes of making a change in the injustices that take place in their country. One of the consulates visited was the Sudanese Consulate, where students advocated for the end of chemical weapons attacks on citizens.

              “It shows that we are paying attention and we as students want to bring about change,” said Edwards ’17.

              Members of the club believe it to be their duty as citizens of the world to make their voices heard on injustices taking place in different countries besides the United States.

             “I decided to get on the bus to educate myself on human rights more and how to help people who are being punished for there basic human rights,” Co-President Brittany Thevenot ’17.

              The trip exposed students to different human rights violations that take place around the world and taught students how to properly make their voices heard to make a change.

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