Wall Street or School… Stock Market Game Teaches Students How to Invest

By Maria Martchiuk ’18

Economics students feel the Wall Street vibe as they take part in the stock market game in their classes.

In Ms. Laura Gavenda’s and Mr. James Kelly’s economics classes visit the computer labs once a week to play the Stock Market Game. Each group is given $100,000 to spend, and students decide which stocks they want to invest in, and which stocks will help them make the most profit. Students buy the stocks at a real time price and check their gainings weekly.

Ms. Gavenda said, “It’s the most realistic game and gives you the most realistic experience without the risk of real life.”

Korina Kemelmakher ’18 said, “ I am enjoying the game because it allows me to learn about the stock market system in an interactive way.”

The game teaches students how to be wise with their money and learn which stocks are the best to invest in.

“ I learned that it’s very easy to lose a lot of money in a short amount of time. You can’t just invest in something because you have a gut feeling,” said Diana Vasenko ’18. “You can lose thousands of dollars because of a dumb decision. You need to do research about stocks before you invest in them.”

The game teaches students various skills and allows students to apply real life concepts in a school game. This may potentially be beneficial to students who do choose to pursue a career in trading.

“ Through the experience they see alternate means of investing and even without that they see the different stocks,” Gavenda said. “Hopefully, towards the end of the game students will understand the concepts and learn about investing stocks.”

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