Join the Toga Party… New Greek Club Teaches Culture

By Md Hamim ’18

                       Just as the Greeks left their legacy upon this world, the Greek Club begins theirs. This newly created club is a meeting place for those who want to learn about Greek culture and are interested in helping out the community.

The club, headed by Anthony Mathias Lekakis, strives to educate their members about Greek history and culture, while also helping out the community through volunteering.

“My goals for the Greek club are that everyone that comes into the club has a solid understanding of Greek culture, and that they have many hours of community services under their belt to put on their college resumes,” said Lekakis.

They meet every Tuesday, in the south wing, and they discuss what activity they should do for that day or any upcoming schedule. The members also vote on where to help out on the weekend. Since the school does not permit students to leave during school activities and also due to time management, the club is forced to volunteer only during the weekends.

Lekakis and his crew are planning to go help at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, on March 26, as their first volunteering service this term.

During their meetings, they do PowerPoint presentations regarding the Greek culture. In the presentations, the Lekakis talks about Greek lifestyle, what they eat, places of importance, traditions and etc.

They also watch movies that display how the Greeks live their lives in the modern day, such as the movie called “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

Anyone is welcome to come join the club even if they are not Greek. Surprisingly, there are only two Greek members in the club, and everyone else is from various different ethnicities. This may be because the club only formed this year and not many students know about it.

Not everyone who joins the club may be interested in the Greek culture, but they might like volunteering at places. The club also provides a place for likeminded people, and those that you can socialize with while also earning service credits. But beware; the Greek club is not for slackers to join so they could earn credits. You are expected to participate and do your part while you are at the club.


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