Vitamin Supplements Can’t Replace Real Food

By Farrukh Anorkulov ’18, Emily Jiang ’18, Gianny Chacon ’18, Enrique Martinez ’18

Vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs each day to function properly. Consuming too much vitamins might have bad effects on the body, however this might not be the case for Vitamin- D, According to a recent research.

Norman Hord, associate professor, said on, “Excess of all nutrients, from water, to iron – soluble vitamins, can potentially cause toxicities.”

Surprisingly, the same concept might not apply to vitamin-D. According to researches made by the University of London, vitamin-D could be worth consuming with the help of supplements since it is hard to get the right amount of vitamin-D your body needs from food. Overall, vitamin-D is really wonderful to the body. Benefits include regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption. Also, it keeps the bones and teeth healthy

Many people take vitamin D supplements because they either have a lack of vitamin D or do not have enough vitamin C in their blood. There are many benefits in taking vitamins D according to, vitamin D can help in reducing the risk of having a heart disease, getting the flu, and sclerosis. Vitamin D can also help people with people who have depression and anxiety; it can help with managing a person’s mood.

Savlat Sanatov ‘18 said, “I used to take vitamin supplements because I wasn’t getting enough nutrition from foods. It helped me stay healthy and strong.”

Study published in Nutritional Research states that about 41.6 percent of Americans have vitamin-D deficiency.  The level of vitamin-D might drop further during the winter because there won’t be enough sunlight for your body to absorb and this might cause problems to the body.

“ I take a vitamin called ‘Source of Life Gold’, it’s so I can be able to improve my health,” said Alexis Baird ’18.  “When I take it I’m not so exhausted in the day.”

Gavhar Ismailova, former nurse at the hospital of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, said, “ Vitamin-D is really important for your body. Lacking vitamin-D might cause frequent bone fractures, muscle weakness, and fatigue. “

If you do not prefer supplements, there are two ways you can take in the vitamin. Vitamin-D can be obtained from sunlight therefore it is named “sunshine vitamin.” According to the government’s dietary recommendations, your body needs at least 1000 international units of the vitamin each day, which is the same as staying under the sun for 2 minutes. Another way to consume vitamin-D is by eating health foods.

Dr. Jenny Goodman said on, “ Eat oily fish — that is, salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, and so on.”

Although vitamin supplements have many benefits, they can also cause harm to the body. According to it states, “Too much vitamin A, for example, can cause hair, skin and bone problems, headaches and irritability.” One must check the amount or the dosage of the supplement that they should intake to avoid these types of problems and avoid any severe health problems.

Any vitamin supplement that is beneficial for you will become harmful if you take too much. Thus, always consider how much you’re taking into your body.

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