UNICEF Video Celebrates Student Diversity

By Ashley Masih ‘18 & Abiha Naqvi ‘18

         Unicef created an uplifting video with Film Club to celebrate diversity in the school.

           The filming took place in room 313 after school. Unicef was striving to portray themes of individuality and self- empowerment. They wanted to show how Midwood encompasses a variety of students with different characteristics.

Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ‘18, president of Unicef club said, “Diversity doesn’t necessarily have to be different cultures, it can also be the different activities the school provides us. This video will be about positive experiences and how it changed them as an individual.”

The film was also used to promote the different clubs in the school. They wanted to make sure that students knew how many opportunities they had. Unicef took the chance to represent students’ opinions.

          “We wanted to make sure that students had their voices heard. Unicef is all about making a stand.” said Katie Nikishina ‘18.

        Nikishina believed we all become stronger when we work together and share our different opinions.

            Diversity is what makes us stand out and shine. It helps students understand their peers are from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures yet they still learn and interact.

     Unicef.org states, “It is equally important to implicitly include, as a matter of fact, a diverse world without any mention of difference.”

          Mentioning differences can make people feel excluded from the world. One can feel as if their features aren’t as good as the other person’s features. Unicef is trying to say that these differences make the world more interesting, and we need a diverse world without the negativity. Making a video instead of a poster was a way to get different people to tell their stories.

          Amanda McBain ‘18, president of the film club, is helping the club with filming and editing for this production. Film club members will also be participating in the video as well.

      She said, “I think this video is very important because it will encourage self-love and will also teach many why diversity is necessary for the school.”

               Midwood high school is a melting pot filled with all kinds of students, which is greatly showcased through its clubs, courses and sports.

          Henna Ali ‘18 said, “I think this video is a great idea to share the great individual qualities of everybody but also it can help promote our club, it deserves more recognition and I’m glad it will after the diversity video!”

      Unicef and film club partnered over the last two weeks of March to film the video.  Students participating signed a media consent form to be in the video. Rahmatulloev hopes that when the video is done and edited, he can show it to the school or reach out to Unicef on their website.

               More details can found out through club meetings every Fridays after 8th period.

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