Robotics Team Wins Qualifying Match

By Kaitlyn Brathwaite ‘18

The Rolling Drones robotics team won a qualifying match on February 19, 2017 at The Dalton School. They worked hard towards the week of the competition after their previous performance did not advance them to the next round of the Regionals Robotics Competition. The other two teams, Pink Droyd and Bötley Crüe, already qualified for the regionals.

“Last competition we didn’t make it. After we redesigned our robot, we hoped for success,” said Stacy Miller ’18, a member of the team. The Rolling Drones redesigned their robot’s program with the tech-guidance of their team captain, Mariami Geguchadze’17.

“Mari took the robot home and worked very hard,” said Waleed Rahman’17, a team member of The Rolling Drones.

Once the robot was geared and ready to go, the competition was fierce. The Rolling Drones triumphed in the end, and not only qualified for regionals, but received a separate award for their robot. As the team rejoiced, they all congratulated each other for their individual efforts, and proved that teamwork is key to success.

“Being the only programmer is hard, but my team helps and supports me.” said Edwin Ramos’18, the programmer of The Rolling Drones. “I have a lot of knowledge about computers, especially coding, but I am glad I still have my team with me every step of the way.”

The next competition was on February 26. This was the regionals which took place at Francis Lewis High School. All the teams competed in this competition. Even previous members of the robotics teams that graduated were there to support the new teams. However, nobody won that day.

“We were a little sad, but the teams had a fun experience,” said Shane Whiteman’17, member of The Rolling Drones. “It was nice to see the amount of dedication and effort everyone showed until the very end.”

Each team was content with their robot, and supported each other nevertheless.

“I’ll always love my team,” said Mohammad Ishtiaq’17, captain of Pink Droyd . “I can’t make it without them.”

This loss only strengthened everyone. So did the win of the Rolling Drones, even though the teams are separate. Each member remained positive and confident in each other’s capabilities as they computed a step forward to win.

“Working with everyone has been a challenge I loved to face. It’s been a great experience to work with so many different people, and I have to give a big thanks to my team,” said Geguchadze’17.

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