Future Olympian… Tai Brown Looks to Jump for the Stars

By Maya Engstrom ‘18

Tai Brown ‘18, decathlete, has been running track competitively all his life, and the results of his work are starting to look promising. Through what he has accomplished, Brown has basically promised us that we will see him in the upcoming summer Olympics. Brown has competed in eight Junior Olympics as of yet, placing with top scores in all of them.

“I started running track when I was 3. Now I’m 16 and I openly see it as being my career. I’m really proud of my achievements and lately I’ve been breaking a lot of USATF (United States Track and Field) records for my events, which feels great,” Brown said.

Although several universities have already come forward to offer him scholarships, he has always set high goals for himself and aims for scholarships from even more prestigious schools such as The University of Southern California, The University of Florida, and other highly ranked schools in track and field.

After running in Barbados in early March and making the Barbados relay team for an upcoming track meet, Brown’s hopes are high and everyday he thinks about his future, his dreams, and his goals.

In addition to attending multiple junior Olympics and making it onto the Barbados team, Brown is also currently ranked at number in the whole country for the event of the 55-meter hurdles, which he specializes in. Although he mainly focuses on hurdles, he is considered a decathlete, meaning a combined event of ten events, such as in his case long jump, high jump, throws, 1600 meters, and a variety of sprinting events.

If Brown couldn’t have track and field as a career, he says that he would want to go into mechanical engineering due to his true passion for cars, mechanics, and knowing how things work.

“One of my favorite things about track is that hard work really pays off and you can tell when it does. I’ve trained hard in 100-degree weather, hail, and freezing temperatures, and all of it has made me better. I usually practice around four to five days a week with a track meet on the weekend. Sometimes I’ll have a crazy schedule with three meets three days in a row and those are really hard, but I do well anyway,” said Brown.

With the constant hard work that he’s put into track and field for years, you can almost count on seeing Brown having a successful track career, and with his drive and hard working qualities, you can definitely count on seeing him testing his limits and doing amazing things.


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