Club Fair Highlights Extra-Curricular Activities

By Aamna Arshad ’18 and Ufaq Tahir ’18

Clubs are a great opportunity for students to get involved in their school. Incoming students, transfer students, and others don’t know about these clubs so the club fair was held to allow students to see what they might consider joining.

The school held its first ever club fair in the cafeteria on March 9 at 3:30. About 150 eager students who wanted to explore new clubs came to enjoy it. Each club had its own station with a tri board to catch people’s attention and representatives who were ready to answer questions and give insight about their club.

“The idea of having a club fair came from one of our students, the Junior Vice President, Joyce Chen,” said Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin. “The reasoning behind the fair was that students would be able to find out about all the different clubs and this would give them more opportunities to be involved.”

Joyce Chen ‘18 said, “Having friends that are freshmen and sophomores, I knew they had trouble joining clubs and doing extracurricular activities. So I thought about it; College Fair is when colleges come together and students who attend know about the colleges and apply so we should have a Club Fair.”

Chen is also Vice President of Biomed Society which focuses on medical professions. During their club meetings they discuss different aspects as to how college and school will be for medical students. They also discuss all the different medical professions.

Chen plans to reach out to medical professionals and have them talk to the club about their experience because real life doctors and nurses can influence what you plan on doing.

Students were able to walk around the cafeteria and visit each station they were interested in and sign up for any club they wanted to right then and there.

“I joined Biomed Society, knitting club, and film club,” said Gulnoza Shotursunova ‘20.

Shotursunova also added that joining a club will help with college preparations because you are able to gain experience, have extracurricular activities, and become a part of the school community.

Yumeily Oviedo ‘18 said she decided to start a fashion club called Fogue Club because there’s nothing else like it in the school. They plan on doing a fashion show, a blog, and a magazine if enough people join. Fogue Club allows students to express themselves and their clothing through different mediums.

“In Key Club every year we do public presentations. We do soup kitchens, walks, planting trees, and gardening events,” said Christina Ng ’18.

Ng said joining the club would help students interact with each other, get community service credit, and learn to be a leader because of the public presentation at the end of the year.

President and founder of Philosophy Club Jacob Rubel ‘17 said in his club they’ve talked about “free will, race, suicide, and morality” to name a few topics. At each meeting the members discuss and talk about different topics and issues in the world.

“The club is a great community for students who are interested in philosophy and intellectual matters,” said Rubel. “It’s a place where you talk about things you don’t get to talk about anywhere else and you’re with people who care about the same thing so they’re supportive.”

In Glee Club, students are able to join the Spring and Winter Concert every year. Many of the members are also in advanced chorus which goes to the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA).

“NYSSMA is a competition between schools in New York and band goes to it every year. 2016 was the first year the school went for singing,” said President of Glee Club Ingrid Baumann ’18. “Joining Glee Club allows students to pursue what they enjoy to do, especially if they want to pursue anything in the arts. It’s a good practice.”

UNICEF is an international club that is dedicated to helping children in need, and it is part of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

President of the UNICEF Club, Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ’18, said “We try to advocate for children in need, fundraise money so they can be used for vaccinations, such as Malaria and Ebola. We also try to help build homes for homeless children and try to provide clean water for drinking. Many children are dying just because they don’t have clean water,”

The Club Fair allowed students to explore the different opportunities the school has to offer and decide what they want to become part of.

Mr. Kolotkin and Chen plan on holding a Club Fair every year to help students, especially incoming freshmen and sophomores. They plan to hold the fair in the beginning of the school year, in either late September or early October. The Club Fair will soon become an annual event for Hornets.

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