Clay Lerner Swings Towards Golf Season

By Dylan Ramkissoon ‘18

Looking to one-up his very successful performance last season, undefeated Hornet golfer Clay Lerner ’18 is optimistic about the future of the golf team. Going undefeated in an entire season is no easy feat. Lerner put in hard work and many hours on the golf course to reach this point in his high school career.

“It was an uphill battle from the very start,” said Lerner. “By joining the team during my freshman year, I knew what I was up against. But I never dreamed I would end up doing this well.  

And an uphill battle it was indeed. Lerner recorded an unsuccessful record of 1-6 his freshman year, but he quickly made adjustments to his strategy during the off-season, and came back with a vengeance the next season.

“During the summer I really took time to figure out what was wrong with my game,” said Lerner. “Once I figured out what I had to do to succeed, I put it into action. I’m just glad it paid off in the end.”

Although Lerner put up phenomenal numbers in his season, ending with a record of 9-0 and tying for first for regular season wins on PSAL, the Hornet team’s playoff dreams were crushed early last season when they were handed defeat by Hunter High School in the first round.  

“What can I say, we just weren’t ready,” said Lerner.

Since the tender age of 12, Lerner has taken to the game of golf. He played with his grandfather during the weekends, but both of them weren’t any good. During his adolescence, Lerner idolized professional golfer Tiger Woods, and always strove to model his game like Woods’.

“Tiger Woods has always been my number one inspiration for golf. My dad and I used to watch golf tournaments on TV when I was younger and we would always cheer for him everytime he struck the ball,” said Lerner.

Now, Lerner and the Hornet golf team practice at the Marine Park Golf Course Monday through Thursday. Lerner also plays with his dad there on Saturdays when he has free time. Unlike when he was younger, Lerner is always looking to improve his game.

“Although my dad isn’t very good, I always look to pick up tips from him when we’re playing together. One of the most influential things he’s ever told me is that golf is all about the tempo and rhythm of the swing,” said Lerner.

Catch the golf team on their hunt for vengeance at their first game of the season on March 28 at the Marine Park Golf Course.


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