World Issues Club Ignites Conversation

By Dylan Ramkissoon ‘18 and Daniel Pavlov ‘18

The World Issues club, started by club president Andy Solter ‘18 and vice president Md Hoque ‘18, is a club where the hottest topics of the world are debated and discussed by a group of about seven to fifteen students. The club meets in room every Wednesday during ninth period where any student can drop by and discuss an idea that he/she feels strongly about.  

“My goal is for everyone to realize that their ideas have to stand the test of reason,” said Solter ‘18. “If someone cannot fully defend their ideas in a civil discussion then they should rethink their position”.

Solter ‘18 started the club in the beginning of the 2017 school year and created the World Issues club for people to come and express their ideas on a specific topic that they feel strongly about. There is no registration involved, which makes the club less intimidating and committed. Students can come and go freely, not worrying about if they missed the day of a meeting.

One of the most important aspects of the club is what topics the club debates. So far, the World Issues club has debated many global hot topics such as ‘‘Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter’’, the government’s role in society, who the best candidate for the election was, if using nuclear bombs is justified, and is torture justified, just to name a few.

“I can’t say any one topic was our most interesting debate because they’re all so interesting!” said Solter ‘18.  

A student’s argument is important, as well as the facts he/she uses to support his/her claim. Solter mentions that every debate is full of moments where you must check the morality, logic, and sources of a statement that a student makes. Sometimes, facts don’t give a statement justice and the group has to decide whether a claim actually makes sense or not.  

Every time the group meets, they first establish a topic to talk about. Then the group separates into three subgroups: one for the issue, one against the issue, and one neutral subgroup.

“After that, it’s a free for all”, said Solter ‘18.

The club was originally supervised by Ms. Moccia, but her schedule failed to comply with the clubs schedule. Right now, Solter ‘18 is looking for a willing teacher to help supervise the World Issues club. The club also doesn’t have a room to meet in, so for the time being, the World Issues club doesn’t have any scheduled meetings.  

Looking toward the future of the World Issues club, Solter ‘18 said, “You can expect the free exchange of ideas no matter how radical them seem, as long as they bring a reason and an open mind”,

For more information, talk to the club’s president Andy Solter ‘18 or the club’s vice president Md Hoque ‘18.


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