U.S. Should Not Legalize Marijuana

By Md Hamim’18

As much as people may want marijuana to be legalized in every state, it might not be such a good idea. Legalizing this drug may cause disorder and havoc in society.

Marijuana, or weed, is considered a drug which can become addictive over a long term of use. According to drugrehab.us, a site that gives info about drug rehab and symptoms of addiction and possible treatments, discovered 10 percent of weed users get addicted to the drug. If they stop taking the drug then they will face symptoms like irritability and anxiety. In worst case scenario, they might not be able to perform daily tasks since their body depends upon that ‘high’ they get from using weed.

Since marijuana is a drug, it creates changes in one’s body and in this case it makes them high. Being high changes a person’s sense of perception. For example, they might start hallucinating and doing things that they normally wouldn’t.

According to the article “Marijuana-related fatal car accidents surge in Washington state after legalization” by  Andrea Noble ,The Washington Times,May 10, 2016, a research done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed an increased rate of car crashes and accidents in Washington after the state legalized weed. This raises concern about how the use of this drug might increase the rate of driving accidents on a national level, if weed was legalized in every state. No one wants to risk being killed just because that truck driver was high, and crashes the truck in the sidewalk and killing several, hypothetically speaking.

If children were to get their hands on marijuana, imagine the devastation it would cause. The reason children and underage are prohibited from buying alcohol and cigarettes is because the are not as responsible and adults, they might get addicted easily and move onto more heavier drugs, and that their body isn’t meant to withstand these drugs. The same goes for weed, as it is stimulating and can cause addiction, brain and heart diseases as well as lung cancer. No parent wants their children to do drugs as their future will get ruined caused by the side effects of using drugs. Therefore speaking. if states were to legalize marijuana then they will be bringing the bright future of the younger generation to the ground.

Although there are certainly some benefits to legalizing weed, such as increased revenue through its sale, and helping in medical treatment like epilepsy and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

However it is more safe to not legalize marijuana at all and prevent disasters, than to allow it for some small benefits. The people supporting marijuana might be in favor because they know that they will make a profit selling the drug, or they might be avid users of the drug.

Instead of allowing the use of weed for everyone who could get their hands on it, the government could make it a law that, only hospitals or doctors who are treating patients with diseases that can be cured by the help of marijuana, be allowed to use the drug. In that way the sale of weed will help the economy, and help cure diseases such as epilepsy and PTSD. That’s killing two birds with one stone.



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