Transfer Students Make Choice for Fresh Start

By Alexis Baird ‘18 , Anthony Tran ‘18

Students who want to leave their school have the option of transferring to another school. Students have a 50% chance of being able to get into the school of their choice a second time.

Mrs. Marcy Kotler said, “ It’s an opportunity for 9th graders to re-apply for an application for another high school for 10th grade.”

In this school, it is possible to get a seat at one of the programs, but not by the highest chance. According to the NYC High School Directory 2017, the Medical Science Program and the Humanities Institute, are known for their amazing reputation. There are 200-300 seats for more than 4,000 applicants in each program for the first round and 20 to 30 seats available for each program for students  who are seeking to transfer to this school. Therefore, it is highly selective.

I, Alexis Baird ‘18, went to Benjamin Banneker High School the start of my freshman year. The education was pretty good; however, I didn’t like the environment. I decided that I needed to be in a more comfortable setting, in addition to a school closer to my house. I had to take two trains to go to school and now I just take one bus straight to school. In addition, Midwood also offered programs such as Med-Sci that was interesting to me. To get into this program meant a lot to me because I knew it would open more learning opportunities for me. By focusing more on math and science, it would eventually prepare me for the field I’m interested in going into the near future.

           I, Anthony Tran ’18, went to Lafayette High School. It is located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It was convenient since I lived near that school. The education there was different; the school doesn’t take regents. As a result, it focused on giving more research-based projects. The school didn’t have a huge variety of A.P courses or extracurricular activities at that time. The teachers were nice and passionate about teaching and the students were easy to talk to. After freshmen year, I decided to transfer to Midwood High School because it offers more opportunities, like A.P courses. It also has a better reputation and more diversity.

              One reason students transferred to this school was because of its huge variety of opportunities.

           Julie Liu’18 said, “I felt that Midwood had more opportunities to give than the school I formerly went to. Seeing the potential options from Midwood, I quickly applied. I felt that Midwood had more opportunities to give than the school I formerly went to. I discovered many clubs, sports, and afterschool programs I can attend to. With approximately 4,000 students, Midwood high school is culturally diverse. After joining Midwood, I was able to make many new friends and interact with many great teachers.”

              Another reason students  might transfer is because they wanted to be in a largely populated school.

          Darcy Montana ’18 said, “I transferred to Midwood because I went to a small private school before this, and I needed a change. Midwood has a lot more students and more club and sports teams, which my other school did not provide.”

          Overall, transferring to a new school is a good way to settle and explore in a new environment. You can make new friends from different cultures. Transferring can also lead to new and challenging academic opportunities.


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