SING Band Woos Crowd with Performance

By Ari Gonzalez ’18

SING promised to be a night of intense playing for the bands.  Each band displayed their own unique talents and wowed the crowd.

All of the bands had great determination in winning this year and, this was shown through the hard work and hours they put into learning all of the music for the performance.

Soleil Robertson ’19, band leader of So-Fresh, stated, “At first they barely had any drive because we thought that time was on our side. It wasn’t until everyone realized how pressed for time we were, that the band got more determined.”

This goes to show how even though with a small amount of allotted time, the So-Fresh band was able to understand the reality and pressure that was put on them to come together and learn all of the music that was required for the So-Fresh performance.

The So-Fresh band faced many different obstacles while preparing the music for their performance.

Kevin Gonzalez ’19, trumpet player of the So-Fresh band, stated, “One of the biggest obstacles we faced was choosing the right songs to go along with the performers but also accommodate for the chorus.”

Although the So-Fresh put on a great show with determination in their eyes.

The Junior SING band is composed of some of the most talented people in Midwood, as are the other bands. The Junior band also is one that had the most repertoires to play during the show.

The band director of Junior SING, Brian Tkachuk’18, stated, “A band sets up the whole show for the audience. If you don’t have a successful band, people won’t think the rest of the show is going to be as good either.”

Tkachuk’s statement shows how important it is for there to be a band to help with the performance or else it would be a total disaster.

“A band playing live music is one of the major roles that helps a certain grade win or not. Overall band is a major role in SING, and without a band, there would be something missing,” Tkachuk

Bands are important for each grade level’s performance in SING. The music performed by the Junior SING band was entertaining and went along with what the performers had in store for the audience.

Mica Tonge’18 stated, “The music was relatively simple to learn because it was a lot of repeating.”

The  Junior band played some songs that were the same and others that will involve different rhythmic figures.

Since this is the last year of seniors being in Midwood, SING has helped shape them into hardworking people. Senior SING band is composed of some of the most talented people in Midwood, who are also role models for the lower classmen.

Demir McRae’17 stated, “It’s prepared me for adulthood and taught me how to work with people in a tough environment. There’s a lot of people in SING every year, and me, as band leader, I have to literally work with anyone and everyone in SING.”

This shows how much SING has affected many seniors in how it helps with building up a mindset for success. It shows even though McRae’s part of only Senior SING band, he still helps out the lower classmen bands with whatever they need. The Senior SING put on one of the best performances seen so far throughout the school year.


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