Seniors Claim SING Victory

By Kortni Chung ’18, Jasmine Thelusma ’18, Abiha Naqvi ’18, and Ufaq Tahir ’18

The 70th annual SING Production of 2017 was definitely one to remember. This annual musical theater production and competition, directed by the students of each grade, was held on February 10 and 11 in the auditorium.

The show was supervised by Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, Ms. Marcia Kaufman, and the student commissioners. Each grade’s performance showed a unique theme and portrayed a special message through art, dancing, and acting. The tickets were on sale for $12, days before the show in the school store and they were sold at the door on the day of the show as well.

The production is judged by Midwood Alumni, who scored each production. Sofresh scored 1300 points, Juniors scored an estimate of 1600 points, and Seniors scored 1800 points, making SING of 2017 a Senior victory.

Because SING is a student-run production, students enjoyed having no boundaries in letting their imagination roam freely. Each grade, with the exception of the collaboration between freshmen and sophomores, was led by two commissioners who directed people’s roles and kept everyone aligned.

According to Kevin Gonzalez ‘19, Sofresh SING was about a pizza delivery girl who was trying to follow her dream of becoming a painter, but she got told she would never make it, and would end up broke. She goes to a woman’s house to make a delivery, and the lady tells her a story that is familiar to hers. In the end, the lesson learned was that people shouldn’t give up on their dreams, and should strive to achieve them instead.

As a member of the Sofresh band, Gonzalez said, “Some of the challenges we faced were people not showing up to the practices, and  not choosing and agreeing on songs to play.”

Nevertheless, the collaboration between freshmen and sophomores only showed how well the students worked together to produce an impressive performance.

“We put a lot of work into the performance. We lost by almost 800 points last year so it’s definitely an improvement,” said Jacob D Gomez ’19.

Junior SING took the audience on a journey through time travel dating back to the Stone Age. The theme was based on sexuality, race, color and background, and how none of that should matter. As sang in their parody of Lips Are Movin’ by Meghan Trainor, “you can love who you want,” and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so.  

It started in a museum where the main characters took a class trip in order to complete their research projects. After discovering one of the statues is a really a genie, the characters use their wishes to go back in time to explore. From the 90’s, to the  Stone Age, and back, the dancers and live music captured the spirit and heart of each time period.

“SING was great!” said Carina Pierre-Louis ‘18, a member of the Junior band. “I think the practice hours and piecing of each section made it kind of difficult, but we got through it together.”

Junior modern dance leader Nicki Frankel ’18 said, “There  were lots of challenges. People learn at different speeds and just like writer’s block, there’s dancer’s block. Juniors also performed modern, hip-hop, modern, SOCA belly dancing and ballroom dancing.”

Senior SING was set at a high school prom where girls compete for the crown and prom queen title. During the dance, the school was invaded by zombies. The invasion causes panic and distress, but one brave girl steps up and proposes a solution. However, while she tells the others of her plan, one of the boys at the prom discover that these “zombies” were really regular people with makeup and ripped clothing. When the scandal is exposed, the girl is crowned prom queen in recognition of her bravery and humbleness.

“The message of the play was that we are growing up and have to learn how to face our fears, it’s not as scary or as bad as it seems,” said Roza Chervinsky ’17. “The teacher set them up so they could figure out a serious situation together.”

At the end of their performance, “Hey Soul Sister” by Train was the last song the seniors sang together.

Victor Shahov ’17, one of the actors for the Senior SING show, said, “I felt that I had never been more alive with graduating class than this event. We wanted to finish it off big so there was much more connection because this is our last year.”

The show overall received many positive reviews from not only the participants, but also the audience.

“I really enjoyed the show honestly. I was amazed at how students from each grade were able to come together and put on such a professional performance,” said Isabel Thelusma’ 19. “I was also blown away at how well the band was for the Senior Sing show.”

It wasn’t only the seniors who were happy about their victory – juniors also had lots to say about it.

“I was pretty happy for them,” said Ezri Shor ’18. “I watched the show and I know they put a lot of hard work into it.”

“The seniors are pretty experienced at what they are doing, so they know how things work and how to put on a great show,” said Amanda Shi ’18. “I’m sad it had to end; you meet a lot of people at SING and you get used to seeing them every week.”

SING truly embodies the meaning of teamwork and trust. Sometimes you just have to let go, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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