New SMARTboards to be Installed

By Rianna Russell ’18

New SMARTboards will be installed at the start of the spring semester in various classrooms. These smartboards will have many new features in hopes of improving efficiency.

According to Dr. Ernest Pysher, Midwood received $710,000 from our city counsel man Jumaane Williams, and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. The money will be used to buy 82 smartboards, computers, and renovate rooms 245 and 253.

Smartboards are interactive whiteboards that use touch detection for students and teachers to write on them. During lessons, teachers might have students come up in front of the classroom to write their answers on the board. According to Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, this hands-on aspect of SMARTboards results in an increase of student participation during class.

“Using a smartboard is perfect for group presentations,” said Mr. Kolotkin. “Presenters are able to interact with their classmates while they use the smartboard as a guide for their demonstration. It also allows students to become more organized and aware of time management.”

SMARTboards are also used as a way for visual learners to become more interested in teachers’ lessons and class discussion.

“SMARTboards are very effective in terms of being more helpful than typical whiteboards,” said Jernei White ’18. “I enjoy seeing charts, videos and diagrams because it’s more compelling and easier to understand”

Although SMARTboards are essential in classrooms, they have become an inconvenience because of technological difficulties.

According to Jasmine Thelusma ’18, “Teachers usually have to stop during their lessons because the SMARTboard isn’t working. This not only wastes time but also causes students to become bored and uninterested.”

Many of the technological difficulties are due to the problems with the projector. The projectors get caked with chalk dust which causes the projection of the SMARTboard to be unclear. This problem will be solved because the new SMARTboards does not have a projector. Since the new SMARTboards have a different ventilation system chalk dust doesn’t affect them at all. Teachers also no longer have to replace light bulbs that burn out.

Along with no projector, the new SMARTboards feature a 70-inch screen and multi-user interactive flat panel. Mr. John Caldwell, a teacher who uses the new SMARTboard, said it has a better platform.

“The new SMARTboard has a more updated software. Teachers can now use their own laptop, and document camera. Also, since the screen is now bigger people all the way in the back of the classroom can see the material,” said Mr.Caldwell.  

These new SMARTboards generate a different classroom environment and provide a different learning experience for students.

“The colors are sharper and easier to see on the new SMARTboard,” said Christina Ng ’18. “It also helps that multiple people can now write on the board at the same time instead of wasting time doing it one by one.”

As the demand for new technology increases, classrooms must adjust in order for students to become more involved mentally and physically. These new SMARTboards offer an easier approach in getting all students involved.

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