Ms. Manno Challenges Students in APUSH

By Rebecca Chan ‘18

AP United States History (APUSH) is a college level course that teaches the students the study of different eras in American history. With the use of different themes, it provides information on the events that inspired the nation’s triumphs today.

One of the five APUSH teachers includes Ms. Cecelia Manno. She challenges her AP classes, yet appeals to the students as much possible. She creates interesting lessons that are relatable to the class and makes the students discuss in groups, in exchange for different ideas.

Ms. Manno said, “I use both audio and visuals because only one gets boring. You won’t understand notes, but if I add a visual, it will make it clearer.”

According to many students, the class is not difficult, but it is all about time management.

“You have make sure you’re on top of your outlines and you are handing them in on time or else it can bring down your grade,” Ashlee Basant ‘18 said. “As well as on the tests, you have to make sure you are always aware of the time.”

APUSH students are assigned outlines every week, which means they are required to read long chapters and write the main idea and theme about them.

Since APUSH with Ms. Manno is indeed stressful, students take passing matters in their own hands.

Safia Hamouche ’18 said, “I study by watching AP Course videos online that my tutor recommends for me and definitely crash course on outlines help.”

Similarly, Basant stated that she studies for tests by reviewing notes, outlines, and watching crash course videos.

Considering that Ms. Manno pushes her students to the maximum, students come up with their own tips to succeed in the class.

In APUSH, students write a lot in order to improve their understanding of the themes in history. The themes include ideas, politics, geography, identity, America in the world, peopling, and work.

According to Ms. Manno, the students should focus on the writing processes such as document based essays in order to pass the class. Students should also study the main ideas of the eras to see how they relate to the theme.

Ms. Manno challenges her AP classes in order to show an emphasis on the college level work. Students stay on task by putting effort into their studying.

Jahongir Davronov ‘18 said, “Ms. Manno is a good teacher who explains the lesson well. She provides clarification on everything that her students are unsure about in the textbook.”  

Hamouche said, “I remind myself this is a college class and this is the type of work I’ll be doing in the future so I might as well get prepared now.”

Future students who are interested in APUSH junior year can enjoy learning the history of their nation. APUSH provides academic benefits in the the long run.

“It looks great for college and it is not that hard of a class,” Hamouche stated. “It just requires you to put in effort.”

In addition, Davronov said, “You get to write outlines and see the difference between the way a textbook teaches history and a way teacher teaches history.”

It is useful to take this course not just because of the subject matter, but the fact that it assists with the time management and important skills for college.

Students who are interested in APUSH should start applying at the end of tenth grade.

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