Modern Art Meets Cinema at the Whitney

By Ashley Masih ‘18

Dreamlands is an exhibit in which modern art meets cinema it was open from October 28, 2016 to February 5, 2017.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is an art museum located in Manhattan, specifically in the West Village/Meatpacking District. Its address is 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014. It was moved from a previous location in the Upper East Side; the new building was designed by Renzo Piano. It is now located in the southern side of the High Line park.

According to the, general admission for adults is $22, seniors/students is $17 and anyone under 18 is free entry. Tickets are available to purchase online as well.

Dreamlands was an interesting exhibit to experience, with aspects of cinematic features within modern art, it was certainly a twist.

Throughout the museum, there were screens playing videos as art installations. The artists conveyed their art and message in a digital way.

Such characters presented in these installations were anime characters, cyborgs and artificial intelligence bots.

A student from Fort Hamilton, Adam Attia ‘18 said, “It definitely is a very weird museum, but a good kind of weird, I love Hito Steyerl’s installation the most.”

Hito Steyerl created an installation called “Factory of the Sun”.  It was a dark room with blue gridded patterns throughout the room.  There is a big TV in the middle where it plays her creation or interpretation. As said about Steyerl’s art, it “tells the surreal story of workers whose forced moves in a motion capture studio are turned into artificial sunshine.”

Ivy Li ‘18 said, “I like the artwork where a musicians were able to convert music to visual shapes and colors so each color and shape had a meaning.”

There is one floor with the entire exhibit, the other floors were dedicated to other galleries. The film program of this installation was also presented on the third floor.

Valerie Pichkhadze ‘18 said, “My favorite part of the museum was the pink room, it was covered in different bright lights and oranges all around the room.”

This installation was called Easternsports created by Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson, it was a world of neon lights, oranges on the floor and videos displaying the updated version of the play “Our Town”.

Notably, Line Describing a Cone, by Anthony McCall, was a surprise for some people when they walked in.

Shelly Masih ‘20 said, “I was definitely surprised when I was walked into a dark room with just a white light shooting towards a black background. As you walk closer, you can see the mist when walking into the cone.”

The Whitney is comparable to the New Museum, it’s floorplan and flow of the galleries were similar to each other.

My final thoughts on the Whitney is that it is a great museum for a quick visit, especially if you’re under 18.


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