Julie Greenspan Wins Wingate Award

By Abeer Naeem ’17

Julie Greenspan ’17, has justified her title of being a volleyball star by winning the Wingate award. The Wingate award, otherwise known as the highest honor a PSAL athlete can receive, will officially be given to Greenspan at a dinner in the spring. Being honored for her outstanding achievements, Greenspan was delighted to receive this honor.

Greenspan said, “It is an honor to be selected as the top senior volleyball player throughout the five boroughs because New York City holds many great athletes.”

Ms. Thomasina Lenzi, Greenspan’s volleyball coach for the entirety of high school, was ecstatic to hear this news.

“It was an amazing for her to achieve this award as it is not easy to win,” stated Ms. Lenzi. “To have her be singled out as the best in entire city is astonishing but all in all it was well deserved.

Ms. Lenzi is not the only individual who is proud of Greenspan for her accomplishment; Ms. Beth Vershleiser, the Student Athletic Director, is not surprised to have a Hornet win such a prestigious award.

Ms. Vershleiser is proud to have a student as outstanding as Greenspan be the student athlete who represents Midwood.

“I would like to thank Julie for being an excellent role model and being the true definition of a Hornet,” she said. However, Julie Greenspan believes the credit for her success goes to Ms. Lenzi, as she is her biggest supporter and has helped her develop into the player she is today.

Ms. Vershleiser, agrees with Julie and believes that Ms. Lenzi deserves all the credit in the world as she has been making ordinary students into amazing athletes. This statement is foolproof, as she led the girls volleyball team to victory at the city championship this year.

Greenspan plans to continue winning prestigious awards because she has committed to SUNY New Paltz and is playing volleyball at a Division III level. Ms. Lenzi is thrilled for Julie’s future.

“She is a force to be reckoned with right now, but once she goes to college and pursues a vigorous workout routine, she will be a beast,” Ms. Lenzi said with a smile.

Mr. Michael McDonnell, the principal, expects to hear great things from Julie as she is an elite student.

“Julie exemplifies both a scholar and an athlete, but most importantly exemplifies the meaning of talent, and I am happy to call her a Hornet,” he stated.

Julie’s teammates feel the same way and are proud of her achievements.

“This award was well deserved,” explained Karina Pyatigorsky ’18. “She has been a key motivator a  for the team and we couldn’t possibly be where we are without her.

Greenspan has always emitted qualities of a true leader due to being a selfless, driven, and hardworking young.

Her coach said that Julie always puts the team’s best interests before her own and believes this is what makes her a great player.

Julie Greenspan offers other aspiring athletes advice on how to achieve their goals.

“Individuals should try all types of sports until they find a sport they feel most connected to,” she said. “This is how I found volleyball.”

Athletes can follow Greenspan’s footsteps by working hard, playing hard, and never giving up.

Julie,a student athlete with much going for her, has made the Hornet community proud. She is excited to see what the future at New Paltz holds for her and plans to do great things at her new school.


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